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Getting To Know the 2013 Washington Redskins: Pierre Garcon

A look back at Pierre Garcon's 2012 season and a prediction for his 2013 season.

Patrick McDermott

Pierre Garcon, 6’0", 210 lbs

Mount Union, Wide Receiver

5 years in the league, 1 year with the Redskins

Twitter: @PierreGarcon

Key Career Stats: 232 rec, 3,152 receiving yards, 20 Receiving TDs

2012 Stats: 44 Receptions, 633 Receiving yards, 4 Receiving Touchdowns

2012 Highlight: Garcon had big touchdown catches last season. The two touchdowns that stand out were the week 1 touchdown against the New Orleans Saints and his big play against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. Both of these touchdown catches were short passes with huge runs after the catches. Watching Garcon burn opposing corners in these plays reassures me that the Redskins have a true number one receiver.

2012 Lowlight: After his first big touchdown against the Saints, Pierre Garcon injured his foot. Garcon only started 10 games during the season. Garcons play did not lead to many lowlight moments, but his absence from the field created too many lowlights from the Redskins offense last season.

What is coming in 2013: When Garcon was healthy in 2012, the Redskins had a record of 9-1. If the team record is any indication of next season, a healthy Pierre Garcon will help the Redskins repeat in the division. While it is difficult to predict injuries, there is no indication of his injury affecting him next season. I believe that Garcon will be a 1,000 yard receiver this season help the Redskins potent offense win the NFC East again this season.