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Twitter Check Up with Adam Carriker

Big #94 made some great plays in 2011 and was poised for a huge 2012, but 1.5 games in and his season was done. How is he doing now? How is rehab? Wrestling questions and a couple of other questions with the big D-Lineman.


bmurph13: What did you do with basically a whole year off?

Adam Carriker: I have been rehabbing! Twice a day six days a week. 42 hours last week not including working out.

bmurph13: What can we expect from this team in 2013?

AC: This team will improve on last year.

bmurph13: Who would be the last teammate you would want to face in the ring? Wrestling name?

AC: I take on all comers in the ring. I like just, Carriker for my name.

bmurph13: Who are some unsung heroes on the team?

AC: The whole D line is unsung.

bmurph13: What has RG3 meant to this team?

AC: RG3 is a good player

bmurph13: Who are some of your inspirations on and off the field?

AC: I'm inspired by family

A couple of quick answers from the big man. Encouraging to hear that rehab is going well and that plain and simple, this team will be better than last year. Exciting to think about the D getting 94 and Brian Orakpo back after both went down against the Rams in Week 2.

Thought it was funny that RG3 is a good player. Understatement, but short and sweet. I wonder how often these guys think about hitting their own QB?

Big wrestling guy, so had to ask him about that. Who would you like to see him face? I think him vs. Truck Neild or Chris Baker would be the best matchup.

Be sure to follow Carriker on twitter: @AdamCarriker94 and his wrestling show @4thandpain. Great guy and really entertaining. Looking forward to seeing him back out on the field.