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Who is the Redskins Most Overrated and Underrated Player?

Pete Prisco of CBS sports named Pierre Garcon as the Redskins most over-rated player and Will Montgomery as the most under-rated. A look at some stats to figure this out.

Patrick McDermott

Pete Prisco gave his evaluations for all 32 teams, and here is his for the Redskins:

Overrated: WR Pierre Garcon. He was hurt for some of his first season in Washington, but is he really worth all that money they paid him as a free agent?

Underrated: C Will Montgomery. This journeyman is coming off an impressive season in the middle of the Washington line. He's a big reason why Alfred Morris ran wild in 2012.

Let's start with Pierre Garcon. If Prisco is asking a question in making his case, then he clearly didn't check the numbers. I'm happy to help. In the 10 regular season games Garcon was active, the Redskins went 9-1. The Skins were 1-5 without him. That doesn't sound like someone that is over-rated to me. Sure, he is one of the highest paid Redskins, but with him on the field, opposing defenses have to pay attention to him making things easier for his teammates. That's what quality WRs do. Oh, and recently ranked him as the 24th best WR in the NFL.

If I had to choose a most over-rated Redskin I would have to pick Orakpo. I've spent too much time talking about how he's playing out of position and when you add in the injuries and lack of stats, the hype doesn't match the result. He's in a contract year, so hopefully I get proved wrong on that.

As for Will Montgomery being a big reason why Alfred Morris ran wild, let's look at some numbers. The Redskins ranked first in rushing attempts behind the Left Tackle. They also ranked first in rushing attempts on the right side. Where did the Redskins rank 30th? Rushing attempts up the middle. When rushing on either end, the Redskins averaged over 6 yards a carry. Care to re-word that one, Pete? I do agree Montgomery deserves more credit then he gets, and Hogs Haven writer, Tiller, covered that last week here.

So, who is the Redskins most under-rated player? How about Barry Cofield? He had 6 batted passes last season and has played in every game for the Redskins. The Redskins had the 8th best rushing defense last season on runs up the middle only allowing 3.3 yards a carry. There's also Rak's replacement. Rob Jackson was all over the field when he came in for Orakpo last season racking up 4 INTs, 6 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles, and 4.5 sacks in the 14 games he started.