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Getting To Know the 2013 Washington Redskins: Robert Griffin III

A look back at the highs, lows, and accomplishments of RGIII's rookie year and what to expect in 2013.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Information: Robert Griffin III

6’2", 217 lb.

Baylor, Quarterback

2nd Season with the Redskins

Key Career Stats:

Offensive Rookie of the Year (2012)

1 Pro-Bowl Selection (2012)

Heisman Trophy Winner

2012 Stats: 20 passing touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 3,200 passing yards, 826 Rushing Yards, 7 Rushing Touchdowns

Twitter handle: @RGIII

2012 Highlight: The 2012 campaign for Robert Griffin III was filled with highlights. From beating the New Orleans Saints week 1 to beating the Dallas Cowboys week 17, spectacular quarterback play was present when he took the field. The most highlighted play was the spectacular running play against the Minnesota Vikings. I think the real highlight from this season does not exist in any particular play. The real highlight is that for the first time in a long time, the Redskins have a franchise quarterback. I am looking forward to the 2013 highlights from RG3.

2012 Lowlight: The only lowlight of the season was Griffin III getting injured against the Baltimore Ravens and the Seattle Seahawks. Watching him on the field on a severe amount of pain during the playoff loss is not only the 2012 lowlight for Griffin III, but it is one of the worst moments I have experienced as a fan.

What is coming in 2013: Not only will Robert Griffin III come back this year, but I believe he will follow his Rookie of the Year Award winning season by winning the Comeback Player of the Year Award. I think he will be starting by week 6 at the latest and the team will be in the race for the NFC east title. He is too motivated, too driven, and too great to do anything less. As long as he is on the field, I truly believe this team is capable of anything.