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What Key Redskins Player Returning From Injury are you Most Concerned About?

A look at some of the key injuries on the Washington Redskins and who might not be ready to start the season.

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The Washington Redskins have a number of projected starters and key contributors rehabbing from injuries/surgeries that were unable to fully participate in OTA's. What one(s) do you think is the most likely to see their performance suffer or have a setback that has them missing time into the season. Now this is not necessarily a question about what players loss will cause the most impact, as that clearly would be Robert Griffin III. This is more asking what player's recovery do you worry the most about.

While there are great recovery stories from injuries every year for every Adrian Peterson recovery there is seemingly a Tim Hightower setback and for every Jammal Charles highly productive season following an injury there is a Ryan Williams (albeit these were different injuries, but both significant ones) who looks like a shell of his former self. With the Redskins having a number of key players coming back from injuries, it defies logic and odds that all will make full recoveries. Some may miss additional time due to injuries, while others will see their level of play drop off.

My recap and projections on a number of key injuries

What Redskins player(s) do you feel may miss the most time or see their production limited the most coming back from these injuries?

*Note: Brian Orakpo is not on this list, because unlike last year he's not been limited at all during OTA's and hasn't suffered any setbacks.

Robert Griffin III- All reports are pretty good, but for him to start week one, he'd have to basically match Adrian Peterson's recovery timetable, which is at the extreme end of the early recovery period.

Fred Davis- Reports are looking good as well, but Achilles injuries are notorious for setbacks and significant loss of production that next season. He'd also be on a pretty early recovery track from this kind of injury.

Pierre Garcon- In addition to recovering from the toe injury, Garcon had to have labrum surgery. He's expected back, but those are two key injuries. The toe is probably the bigger concern since he didn't have surgery and when it bothered him last year, it significantly limited his production and forced him to miss a number of games.

Roy Helu Jr.- Though he didn't rupture his Achilles it bothered him last year and is still listed on his injury report. The bigger concern could be his toe injury. Despite going on IR for it in Sept. he didn't have surgery on it until Feb.

Chris Thompson- Thompson is coming back from a mid-season ACL surgery, and while the team has high hopes for the rookie, he also has a significant back injury in his past as well.

Jordan Reed- Reed's injury didn't seem too significant at first as it was reported as a bone bruise and a pulled quad, and he was expected to miss just the rookie mini-camp or at worst the start of OTA's. Now he's going to miss all of OTA's and mini-camp, and the injury sounds quite a bit more serious.

Adam Carriker- Carriker is recovering from a torn quad muscle, and while the injury occurred early in September last year, he's already suffered one offseason set back, and has been unable to participate at all in OTA's (even on a limited basis).

Josh Wilson- Wilson is recovering from a pair of offseason surgeries (labrum and pectoral) and has apparently been very limited in OTA's. Pectoral muscles can sometimes be tough to recover from (see Brian Orakpo last year) in a 9 month or less window.

Brandon Meriweather- Meriweather suffered a mid November ACL tear which already puts him on the early side for a week one return date. On top of that last year in his other knee Meriweather suffered a sprained ligament, and he ended up suffering setbacks twice when he tired to come back.

So which of these players are you most worried about and why?