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Brian Orakpo Wants to be a Redskin for Life

Brian Orakpo and the Redskins have yet to begin contract extension talks, but Orakpo stated Monday that he wants to be a Redskin for life.

Patrick Smith

Washington Examiner's John Keim reported Monday from Brian Orakpo's Leukemia Golf Classic that the two-time Pro Bowler would like to stay with the Redskins for life.

Orakpo is entering the final year of his rookie contract, and though suggestions have been made that an agreement on an extension could be made before his contract expires, talks have yet to begin. Of course, that isn't to imply that they won't, especially given how early it is in the offseason.

A potential concern from the Redskins' camp is Orakpo's health. During the team's Week 2 matchup in 2012, Orakpo tore the pectoral muscle near his left shoulder and was sidelined for the remainder of the season. However, Orakpo stated that he is 100 percent healthy and feels no residual effects from his injury at this time.

When Keim asked Orakpo if an extension could be signed before the start of training camp, Orakpo replied "you never know."