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ICYMI: Shanahan Media Session Quotes and SAY...WHAT!

Media session quotes post minicamp and translations of what Shanahan was REALLY saying.


If you watch NFL AM during the week, then you know that they have a segment on the show called: Say...What? The segment replays video of some player or coach making a statement in political correct coach speak and then Jamie Dukes translates what they are REALLY saying. Below you will find some quotes from the Shanahan media session post minicamp. In the comments section, do your best to translate the coach speak into real talk, I'll update the Say...What's that you guys turn green and put it under the quote. I'll give you an example on the first one.

On his impression of rookie minicamp:

"Good. I thought we got a lot done. We had five practices. I thought we got a lot out of it. We got a chance to evaluate a lot of players. Our draft choices and our free agents that were signed got a chance to be more familiar with our terminology. Overall I was really pleased."

SAY...WHAT!!! - "We had 5 practices...FIVE! My impression? Outside of the draft picks 2 or 3 of these guys will make the team.

On if he saw what he was expecting from those players:

"Yeah. It's an introduction to our system, both offensively and defensively. We don't work on special teams in this camp, but we will in our OTAs. But they get a feel for what we're trying to do. We get a chance to take a look at them, what type of athletes they are, what type of quickness and speed. And that was very impressive to see our draft choices out there and to see their size and their quickness and their speed and things we were hoping for. Their ball skills were very evident out there over the last few days. So it was a good practice."

On if he saw a big jump in some of the players, particularly defensive backs like cornerback David Amerson:

"I think what someone does is they get used to what you're doing, what kind of system you're having. We do a lot of different things with our secondary and we put a lot of pressure on them mentally as well as physically. He gets a chance to see some of the things that we're trying to do and I think by the fifth practice, he feels a lot more comfortable with our system and himself with what he's trying to do. It was good."

On Phillip Thomas and Bacarri Rambo playing both safety positions:

"You have to. Any time you have the motions and the shifts and the tight ends with the type of talent they have nowadays, you've got to be able to play both positions. And the good part about them, they've got the size and the athletic ability to play both positions. I think everybody knows what type of receiving skills they have and their ability to make plays, but I've seen enough on them on film I think both of them could do a great job at the strong safety position as well as the free safety position. That's what you're looking for when you draft them and hopefully that plays out that way."

On if he can gauge their work ethic this early:

"When we drafted them, we have different tests that they take that tell us what type of mental quickness they have, what type of dedication, commitment, those type of things that are very important to us. Those two guys, one had a 10 and one had a nine out of a 10-point [scale].

On how close the personnel in the secondary is to being where he wants it:

"Well, like we were saying from day one, you're constantly trying to get better. You're trying to add depth where people can compete, and that's what I think we've been able to do. We got three quality guys in the secondary that we were hoping to get. A lot of times you go in there with the idea that you get two or three guys and sometimes it doesn't work out that way because your guys are taken. But I feel very good because the guys we were after were there. Now they get a chance to show us what they can do."

On where he felt the team needed to improve in the secondary:

"When we started out, we had [Brandon] Meriweather and Tanard Jackson as our starters and both guys were out...I thought Reed [Doughty] did an excellent job last year, especially at the strong safety position when he was in the box. He played as good as you could ask a guy to play...I also like some of the guys behind them. I thought [Jordan] Pugh did a heck of a job last year. [Devin] Holland came in. We've got Meriweather coming off of a ACL. Hopefully he can come back. But we do have some competition and that's what you're looking for. You're looking for depth, so if you do lose some players, you can still find a way to win. We have that now much more than we've had in the past."

SAY...WHAT!!! (Jim America): "There are only two things I need in life. Blue Ribbon saddle oil and Reed Doughty. If I go too long without either one of those things, my face cracks and bleeds and Peggy has to inject me in the neck with lanolin. Now what does that mean? It means fuck everybody...Reed ain't going nowhere."

On the injury statuses of running back Chris Thompson and tight end Jordan Reed:

"Take a look at Thompson. It's six months since he had the ACL [injury]. He'll be full-go according to the doctors by the time we open camp. It'll be right at eight months, which is great. He's working out now. Doctors say the ACL is looking great. He's working out right now. You can see him run. I'm very impressed. He's a guy that we think can help us. He's got big play capabilities and a guy that we had ranked very high. I believe if he didn't have that injury, he would have been a first-round, second-round draft choice. That's how we had him ranked. Hopefully he can get healthy. When you take a look at Reed, he had a little bit of a pull with a quad, a little bit of soreness in the knee because of the quad. We'll see. We're going to put him through a little bit of rehab and hopefully he'll be able to go in a couple of weeks. We just don't want to push him too hard because it's a little bit sore right now. He hasn't done anything in about two-and-a-half, three weeks. But our key is to get him them ready for the season and both guys will be, I think, more than ready."