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Chlorophyll?...more like BOREophyll.

Everyone knows the song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." Unfortunately for football fans in late May, the word "Wonderful" has to be changed to "Extremely Boring."

Nick Wass

For Redskins and NFL fans, the doldrums of May and June have arrived. Free Agency is long over. The draft is done. To make things worse, the NFL has announced we will have to wait an additional two weeks for next year's draft. Football related web sites are scrambling for things to talk about. The NFL Network is doing a list of the top 100 players currently in the NFL and then simultaneously rolling out its "experts" to say how horrible the list is. OTA's, RG3 and Mike Shanahan press conferences and pictures of Chris Thompson in work-out sweats catching footballs are all the rage.

However, I'm not just a DC area football fan. Baseball season is happening and the Nationals and Orioles are interesting and competitive. The NBA playoffs are on. The NHL playoffs are on. But....

It's still too early to get excited about baseball (even though it would be nice if the Nats would start dominating like we expected). There's a chance the Spurs will play the Pacers in the NBA finals. I'm sure the NBA and ABC offices are really excited about that potential matchup. I know my kids are, because it will mean they will get to watch more episodes of "Spongebob Squarepants" for the twenty ninth time instead of "Daddy's boring sports". The other option is the Spurs playing Lebron James and the Heat. I really don't like Lebron James, and while I get some enjoyment from watching him lose, I would be happier if he did not even make it to the finals. Then in hockey, well once the Caps are out, so am I.

So, I'm left with Vine videos of Griffin carefully rolling out to hit Roy Helu, Shanahan telling us how Jordan Pugh missed his flight from Dallas with an ear infection, and Warren Sapp making goofy faces and spraying a Lysol can at the NFL Network camera every few minutes to express his displeasure with his own employer's list.

Don't get me wrong, it IS cool to see Griffin rolling out to hit anyone considering where we were only four months or so ago. However, when I am so starved for anything Redskins related that seeing Griffin in a spandex workout shirt is the highlight of my sports day, things are probably slow overall.

On the bright side, there are a couple things to look forward to. Now that it is getting ridiculously hot again, sitting beachside or poolside with a cold beverage in my hand will be in my near future. Also, in the next couple weeks, I will be frequenting my local book store to start buying the different NFL prediction magazines that come out in June. I like to look at all of them, buy the one that angers me the least and then read it front to back a few times until training camp starts at the end of July.

Right now, at least from a football standpoint, the end of July cannot get here any sooner.

P.S. I predict RG3 will play in at least one preseason game and start against the Eagles in week one. I feel I have watched enough Vine videos this week to be able to make this educated prediction.