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Jerry Jones Draft Board Leaked; Where the 2013 Redskins Draft Class Ranks in Jerry's World

SB Nation's Cowboys website, Blogging the Boys, was able to piece together Jerry Jones war room draft board from a series of images. Here's what round he had each of the Redskins draft players pegged.

Here's a link to the full board >>>

A bunch of eventual Redskins players were left off Jerry's war board, including players with prior injury and off-field problems. That explains why Rambo, Jordan Reed, and Chris Thompson are missing.

David Amerson in the 4th round is certainly a big gap in where the Redskins drafted him in the 2nd. With Dallas' struggles on defense, this makes me like the pick more (any reason to hate Dallas!). Amerson's biggest knock draft day was that he got burned on double moves too often, which may be a non-issue in the heavy zone scheme that the Redskins' defense likes to run.

The Redskins drafted OLB Brandon Jenkins in the 5th round and Jerry Jones had him pinned as a 4th round talent.

Either way, feel free to gander the board and discuss. I do find it ironic that Jerry is now crossing off players with personality issues. Dez is probably more than he can handle.

Player School Position Redskins Selection Jerry Jones Round Ranking
David Amerson NC State CB 2 (51) 4
Jordan Reed Florida TE 3 (85) -
Phillip Thomas Fresno St S 4 (119) 4
Chris Thompson Florida St RB 5 (154) -
Brandon Jenkins Florida St OLB 5 (162) 4
Bacarri Rambo Georgia S 6 (191) -
Jawan Jamison Rutgers RB 7 (228) -