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Who Do You Think Will Be Starting Week 1? The Cornerbacks

Who do you think will be the starter for week 1? Vote and comment below to let me know what you think.

Patrick McDermott

The Cornerback situation in Washington has been a subject of debate this year. Many thought before the draft that DeAngello Hall was gone and that our second round pick would replace him and start beside Josh Wilson. But Hall is back, and it would appear that Hall and Wilson are going to be the starting corners week 1. Cornerbacks E.J. Biggers, Richard Crawford, and newly drafted David Amerson are expected to compete for time at the nickel corner. But is it really that simple?

Many considered Hall and Wilson to be ineffective for the most part last year, so are their starting jobs for week 1 really that safe? Biggers was previously with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, worked with Defensive Backs Coach Raheem Morris, and was even drafted by our current General Manager Bruce Allen. Crawford dazzled me last year in week 17 against the Cowboys by intercepting a pass from Tony Romo. Amerson is extremely talented prospect that racked up interceptions in college.

Who do you think will be our starting cornerbacks week 1? Will it be Hall and Wilson or will the younger players earn their jobs?