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Who Do You Think Will Be Starting Week 1? The Quarterbacks

Who do you think will be the starter for week 1? Vote and comment below to let me know what you think.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve noticed a trend with my articles in my short time as a writer. I tell you guys what I think and why I think it. Sometimes you agree with me, sometimes you do not, and sometimes I wish I knew who Eddie LeBaron is before I posted my articles. This relationship of writer/reader seems one-sided, so I want to try and change our dynamic a bit by asking you, the reader, what you think.

The Redskins starting quarterback for week 1 is up in the air at this point. If Robert Griffin III is fully healed from his injury, he is expected to be the week 1 starter. If Robert Griffin III is not healthy for week 1, backup quarterback Kirk Cousins is expected to start in his place. The Redskins have also resigned Rex Grossman and added Pat White to the roster. While Cousins is expected to start if Griffin III is unable, Pat White could possibly sneak into the line-up because of his experience with the read option offense. White is a long shot to start, but it is certainly possible. Rex Grossman is, well, Rex Grossman. The starting job appears to be between Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. Who do you think will be suiting up Week 1? Is Robert Griffin III really all in for week 1? Or will Captain Kirk be piloting the offense?