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Which Redskins Will Get Their Walking Papers This Preseason?

Some surprise (or not so surprising) Redskins training camp cuts.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Dezmon Briscoe: The Redskins need size and a red zone target at the wide receiver position. Briscoe brings both, yet he could not see the field in 2012, even when the Redskins were hit by injury.

Tiller's Thoughts - How hard is it to learn a freakin route tree, and block a skinny cornerback. See Ya!

Adam Carriker: This may come as a shocker, especially since I am a Carriker fan, but the injury, and how he comes back, will be the deciding factor as to if he makes the team or not. It's safe to assume he's been passed on the depth chart by Jenkins. I think a young (surprise)player like Anunoby or a veteran like Merling may push him off the roster.

Tiller's Thoughts - Sorry to see ya go big guy, but your time may have come. Thank you for your contributions to this team, and good luck! I'll continue to follow and chat with you on Twitter.

Evan Royster: No shocker here. Royster is the least talented running back on our roster, and this includes Keiland Williams and Tristan Davis(who both won't make the team). The Redskins will keep three running backs, and one fullback(Young). I believe one running back will hit the practice squad, and since Royster is not eligible(nor would we want him taking up that spot), he is sent packing.

Tiller's Thoughts - Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Maurice Hurt: This may sound a bit rash, but with the log-jam we have at right tackle, and the security we have inside, Hurt may find himself out-played for a roster spot. I hope to hell it's not by Trueblood. We should keep four offensive tackles(Williams, Compton, Pashos, and Polumbus) with one being a swing tackle, and since Hurt does not fit this description, he may find himself on the outside looking in. Hurt has decent feet for a big guy, but he lacks ideal height for the right tackle position. Upper body strength is another issue that could hurt him.

Tiller's Thoughts - You'll find another job quickly my friend. I think your best suited to play inside in a power scheme, as you could be a road grader with the lower body you have.

Reed Doughty: Ok, feel free to get mad at me now.............I really don't care. These are not your father's Redskins anymore. Teams all around the league are becoming more explosive, and the need for versatile, athletic safeties is a MUST. Doughty is neither of these, nor is he in his prime. Sure, he's ok on special teams, but should that justify his 1.5 million salary?..............I think not. The Redskins will keep 4 or 5 safeties, and Doughty will not be one of them. Meriweather and the rookies are safe. Both Pugh and Gomes have more upside, and come at a much cheaper price. And oh, by the way, both can play special teams too.

Tiller's Thoughts - Thanks for your time here. Look forward to seeing your number in the Ring of Fame.

Jeremy Trueblood: I will consider it a blessing if Trueblood is cut. It made me sick last season to watch Polumbus and Black play offensive tackle. It was like watching two monkeys trying to _________ a football. Watching Trueblood trying to protect our franchise quarterback will make me shit blood. Trueblood is a liability in pass protection, and is a walking penalty waiting to happen.

Tiller's Thoughts - I guess I should cancel the personalized Trueblood jersey I ordered when you were signed as a free agent.

Feel free to add your own choices to the list.