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Hogs Haven Community Question: What's the Most Obscure Redskins Jersey You Own?

Random jerseys are the best. Dan Ciarrocchi wants to know who has the most obscure Redskins jersey among the Hogs Haven community.

Al Bello

For whatever reason, maybe the usual lull of football activity that comes every summer, I find myself reassessing my jersey collection this time of year. My collection is a pretty sorry excuse for one, though I did add two Robert Griffin III jerseys to my closet last Christmas. Maybe there’s hope for me after all.

And though I have jerseys that don names such as Griffin III, Cooley, Orakpo and Kerrigan, I think I know why my collection doesn’t expand much beyond that. I’m drawn to jerseys with character. It’s great that I now have more options if I want a good player on the Redskins since the team is competitive again, but I’m honestly not used to that yet. I’m used to seeking out sarcastic, dated or obscure jerseys for my own amusement. I’m talking Tre Johnson circa 1996, or Tony Banks in 2001. Actually, pretty much any Redskins quarterback from 1992 to 2004 could fit that mold.

I don’t own anything like this now, though my deepest regret in life is losing track of the Carolina Panthers Frank Reich jersey I owned in 1995. I was eight years old, and my mom bought me that jersey because she knew I liked the Panthers for no other reason than thinking their uniforms looked cool and they had a fast running back in Madden. Also, eight-year-olds are dumb.

I bring this topic up, because I know the Hogs Haven community has some gems it could contribute to the conversation. So I’ll pose the question: What’s the most obscure or random Redskins jersey hanging in your closet, or in the bottom of a trash bag in the attic? Give your answers in the comments section. Please post pictures if you can.