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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

On behalf of Hogs Haven, thank you again to every member of the United States armed forces and their supportive families.

Patrick Smith

1. I want to wish a happy (belated) Memorial Day to all of those tuning into Hogs Haven today. I hope that everyone had a great long weekend and ate some great grilled food. There's something to be said for a long weekend this time of year where the expectation is that you will fire up the grill, ice down some beer and enjoy the company of family and friends.

2. I especially enjoyed the posts this weekend that were dedicated to the military exploits of Redskins players. There is simply no way we can ever properly thank those who deliberately put themselves between people with guns and our freedom. There are plenty of military families that count themselves as part of the Hogs Haven community, and I can't thank you enough for your sacrifice. Even though the official holiday has passed, the opportunity to thank everyone who deserves our thanks

3. As I like to do whenever I get the chance, I would like to salute my two grandfathers: Al Meringolo, USMC and Vic Fortwengler, US Navy. Grandad Al is a Korean War veteran and member of The Chosin Few (I always encourage you all to Google that and learn more about the Marine Corps. "Big Vic" sailed on a Destroyer Escort in the Navy during the second World War. As kids, we were taught how to say that correctly: "W, W, 2...(hand over heart)...The Big One!" Grandad Al and Big Vic--thank you again for your service and thank you for being such amazing family men.

4. I would like to spend yet another point on a gentleman who spent some time writing here on Hogs Haven. Ronnie Adkins, who contributed written pieces and also appeared on our Hogs Haven Staff Meeting Podcast was recently deployed to Afghanistan. Ronnie, hopefully you are reading this and hopefully you know how much we appreciate your service to this country. Come home safe and sound. There might be a care package in the making for Ronnie and perhaps others serving overseas. If and when that comes together (ih8...looking in your direction), we'll make sure we get the details out there. If Hogs Haven sends something to our troops the Middle East, we will want to make sure it's the best care package ever sent to that theater. I haven't decided yet if Shoup or Ewoldt should jump out of the cake...but if I know Ronnie, he'll be expecting it. Maybe we can get Parks to come back for that!

5. Is there anything that Robert Griffin III hasn't done yet--off the field? I feel like every time I turn around, he has participated in some kind of official event. It's been asked plenty: "Is RG3 overexposed?" Isn't it weird that the answer seems like it is a resounding "No" at this point? I mean, nobody is even really questioning his commitment to rehab as he pops up all over the map. It just goes to show you how much he accomplished as a rookie--and I am talking about on the field. Think about how many other players would be crucified for riding in pace cars at big races, attending movie premieres and a host of other things--all while coming back from an insanely critical surgery that will determine our success in 2013. I can honestly say I am not even a little bit worried about his participation in any of it. I can honestly say that if anything bad happens in the fall, I will not even consider blaming it on his busy offseason schedule of judging beauty contests and opening Subway shops.

6. It is a light news day I suppose, as I all I can think to say here is, "What were fans thinking when they bought RG3 wedding presents?" I honestly don't get it. I mean, I get that people have been trying to do ANYTHING they can to somehow get close to him and close that gap between "legendary athlete" and "guy I know." Buying a multi-millionaire that I have never even met a serving spoon, or a punch bowl just seems like a waste of my money. The only explanation that I can offer that attempts to paint people in as positive a light as possible is that Redskins Nation is truly filled with amazing, generous souls. Otherwise, there is going to be a very shady dude lurking around RG3's house, waiting for the opportunity to say, "Hey Robert--you mind if I grab one of your game-worn jerseys? How is that set of crystal wine glasses treating you by the way?" (At least when Kevin bought Snyder and Shanahan a bottle of champagne, he made it clear he expected the team to draft certain positions first in the upcoming draft. It actually worked out nicely.)