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Redskins Playbook: Personnel Groupings Part Two

The second part of a series looking at the different personnel groups used by the Redskins offense. This time we look at 'U' and 'Goal line' personnel.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

This is the second part of the series of four posts on Redskins personnel groups. If you missed the first, click here to check it out. Today we'll look at the 'U' and 'Goal line' groups.

U Personnel

Also know as 22 personnel. In this group, the X receiver is substituted out for a second tight end. That allows a run heavy look of two running backs, two tight ends and just one wide receiver.


Pierre Garcon would have to make way for the second tight end (or he could move to the Z position). This is a much more run-orientated personnel group. With just one wide receiver, the defense will most likely stack the box. But with the versatility of guys like Darrel Young, Fred Davis, Jordan Reed and Chris Thompson, this personnel group could line up and appear drastically different to what I've drawn above. But if you see this group with Logan Paulsen and Josh Morgan in, expect a run play or potentially a play-action pass should the defense over-commit to the run.

Goal Line Personnel

The goal line group is, as you'd expect. a run heavy group. A second and third tight end take place of both the X and Z receiver.


The third tight end is labeled as the Z in goal line personnel. You would usually only see this group in short yard or goal line (who'd have guessed?) situations. Paulsen would probably take the role of the U while Niles Paul would come in as the Z. Young becomes a candidate to carry the ball on a fullback run as we saw a couple of times on fourth and 1 last year. In the red zone, you might also try to sneak one of the tight ends out on a route on a play-action pass.

Check back tomorrow for more on personnel groups.