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Las Vegas Hilton Puts Redskins 2013 Wins Total at 8

Vegas put the Redskins win total at 6.5 in 2012. After winning the NFC East and the start week of RGIII in the air, the Redskins 2013 total is 8.


Last year I really struggled on which way to lean for the 6.5 win total in 2012. The Redskins Oline always had issues with healthy starters and depth was never strong. On the other hand, the Skins won six games with Rex Grossman and John Beck...surely RGIII was worth at least two wins. In 2012 of course, the entire Oline made it through the season without missing any major action and the Redskins went on a stunning seven game win streak to reach 10 wins.

Now, the 8 wins that Vegas set for 2013 is simply meant to encourage an even amount of betting on both sides. So let's look at this objectively.

Pros Cons
  • The Redskins added depth in the secondary, including both safety spots and Cornerback.
  • Adam Carriker and Brian Orakpo are 100% healthy. Orakpo only played 2 games last year and is in a contract year.
  • Much improved TE weapons (speed). Redskins only had Fred Davis for 7 games last year and Jordan Reed and Niles Paul expected to compete for action.
  • NFC East teams are down. Cowboys switching to a 4-3 with new defensive coordinator, Monte Kiffin. Eagles overhauled staff with Chip Kelly who are going to 3-4 defense.
  • Redskins defense played at a high level to end the season.
  • With Brandon Banks gone, the return game should improve, as Richard Crawford highlighted.
  • The Redskins will play all 1st place teams in the NFC East, which includes the 49ers, Packers, and Falcons. Yikes.
  • RGIII will miss OTAs and is questionable for week 1.
  • Loss of special teams Ace, Lorenzo Alexander.
  • ILB depth as London Fletcher just turned 38 and had a slew of injuries last season.
  • Garcon's nagging injury will continue all season.
  • WR depth: Consistency a problem. Who will step up if Moss and Garcon miss extended time?

So what does all this mean? With Kirk Cousins getting all the first team reps this summer, I'm pretty confident the Redskins can get 9 wins if he played all 17 weeks. RGIII staying upright makes me like that even more. Mike and Kyle Shanahan deserve awards for how open their WRs have gotten on their play calling.

As for other teams around the NFL, I think the Saints will get back to their winning ways and can beat 9 wins. The Cowboys at 8.5 and Eagles at 7...I fancy the under on those. Sure, Jim Zorn won 8 games his first season but they didn't overhaul the defensive scheme that year. I saw an Eagles OTAs tweet that Brandon Graham was in coverage (something he hadn't done since Freshman year in College). Good luck with that (Andre Carter flashbacks).


Denver Broncos, 11.5

New England Patriots, 11.5

San Francisco 49ers, 11.5

Seattle Seahawks, 10.5

Atlanta Falcons, 10

Green Bay Packers, 10

Houston Texans, 10

New Orleans Saints, 9

New York Giants, 9

Pittsburgh Steelers, 9

Baltimore Ravens, 8.5

Chicago Bears, 8.5

Cincinnati Bengals, 8.5

Dallas Cowboys, 8.5

Indianapolis Colts, 8.5

Washington Redskins, 8

Detroit Lions, 7.5

Miami Dolphins, 7.5

Minnesota Vikings, 7.5

San Diego Chargers, 7.5

St. Louis Rams, 7.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 7.5

Carolina Panthers, 7

Kansas City Chiefs, 7

Philadelphia Eagles, 7

Buffalo Bills, 6.5

New York Jets, 6.5

Tennessee Titans, 6.5

Cleveland Browns, 6

Arizona Cardinals, 5.5

Oakland Raiders, 5.5

Jacksonville Jaguars, 5