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Redskins 2029 Mock Draft; Scouting the QB Class for RGIII's Retirement Year

Since the accuracy of mock drafts year in and year out are nearly impeccable, I take a look at the top 5-year old prospects across the nation Kyle Shanahan and his scouts should keep an eye on.

Kissing Suzy Kolber had a recap on how accurate all the NFL experts were in their 2013 mock drafts. Since I basically have the same odds in correctly predicting the 2029 draft as Peter King did the 2013 draft, here goes:

#3 - Baby Kannon

The kid's last name is Kannon..and he's a Quarterback. Think of the jersey $ales for that one. Move over Johnny Utah aka Keanu Reeves, Baby Kannon now has the best football name in Hollywood. Endorsements aside, Kannon clearly is a player that cares about football and not his image. "What's that Mom? You want me to show off my Kannon arm on the Interwebs in my onesie tractor pajamas? No problem!"

His second throw I think pushed him into the top 10...with one arm tied up, he throws a no-look pass. How can defenses stop this kid?

#2 - The Georgian Grenade Launcher

Rumors are this kid was practicing his spiral in the womb and had it down before he even pulled into the driveway from the hospital. Look at that spiral. He's already throwing it further than Mark Brunell and with better accuracy than Jason Campbell. Sports Science is currently filming a special that his height advantage at age 22 means he will be able to throw a pass 37.5 yards and it never has to ascend.

#1 - The Vanilla Freight Train

(Mel Kiper voice): This kid has it all. Speed, power, and especially smarts. Check out this film last year at his Uncle's house in Mississippi. This is a hostile environment with a lot of alcoholics around. The kid is an innovator. Check this out. He puts the ball in his mouth and then runs forward like a tank. Think of the possibilities in that tough, defensive front NFC East. He can essentially stiff-arm with both hands at the same time. Incredible. We could see our first NFL player to throw and run for 3000 yards in one season.

(Is it just me, or are off-season topics much harder to come by this year? I guess a stable front office and a quality QB does that. No complaining here. I voted for the Freight Train.)