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NFL QB Rankings: Where Does Washington Redskins' Robert Griffin III Land? ranked 35 quarterbacks from 32 teams. Where did they have Robert Griffin III?

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports’s Marc Sessler ranked the NFL's quarterbacks, and placed Redskins signal caller Robert Griffin III in some pretty good company.

The site ranked quarterbacks in tiers, giving each a unique category to further explain their places among the ranks. The "Three Kings" that are Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady comprised the top three, while "Franchise Gold" players like Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan and Eli Manning came next.

The third tier, called "The Future: Part I," only had two quarterbacks, Andrew Luck at eight, and Robert Griffin III at nine. Sessler wrote:

In Washington, I'm assuming RG3's knee regains full strength and allows him to spin his magic all over again. It's easy to get lost in Griffin's abilities on the ground, but his pocket presence, decision-making and crisp mechanics make him a top-10 passer.

I can’t say I’m offended by where Griffin ranks after just one year in the league. Griffin’s marvelous season rightfully earned him rookie of the year honors, and he was the biggest reason for the Redskins’ transformation from a basement team to division champs. The fact that he was ranked ahead of other young studs like Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson speaks volumes.

Luck is ranked ahead of Griffin, and while I disagree with the placement, I understand the rationale. Luck, like Griffin, took a last-place team to the postseason, and has had the label on him as the best prospect since Peyton Manning. There aren’t too many people who wouldn’t place a quarterback like that in high regard, and Luck hasn’t done anything to suggest that he’s unworthy of his lofty expectations.

However, if this was based solely on accomplishments, Griffin should have been the first of the young guns on the rankings instead of the second. Any growing pains he had coming into the league were practically invisible, which cannot be said for Luck, who ran into problems with turnovers and overall efficiency.

And this list could be parsed all day, but one thing the readership of this website has to be happy about is that the Redskins finally have a quarterback who can be grouped with other elite quarterbacks. Even more so, they could perhaps have a guy who could one day not just be near them, but above them.