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Hogs Haven Top Ten List Open Season

We have developed a solid base of ideas for top ten lists, but we want to get more from the readers. Let us know a list you want covered by Hogs Haven in the dog days of summer.

Al Bello

Between now and the start of training camp, there is a broken record that plays before the majority of posts that repeats again and again how slow it is and how little there is talk about. The truth is we can always find something to talk about, even if we are talking about how little there is to talk about. You all are also familiar with my proclivity toward posts that offer numbered points, thoughts and/or ramblings.

In light of all of this, I would like to kick off what I hope will be a very regular offseason addition to our site, and the source of many a debate. You might be thinking, "Here goes Hogs Haven...ripping off all the other sports sites that do Top Ten lists." Well, that's where you're wrong. I refer you to a little something called "The Ten Commandments." That's right...even God loves a good list, and so if anyone is being ripped off here, it's Moses and the Big Man. And Steve Shoup...who is Moses-like around here this time of year as we gird our loins for the NFL Draft and all of its fallout.

We have built a pretty good foundation of Top Ten list ideas but I thought a good Friday exercise would be to solicit as many ideas as we could from the readership. I will work with the team to pump out as many as we can, and you can all hammer away in the comments sections about how wrong they are or how right I am. Your choice.

The ideas can be Redskins-related or not. Most of our current ideas are Redskins-related, but I am not committing to making every single one about the Redskins, or even about football.

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy offseason so far. I hope Hogs Haven continues to be a source for both good information as well as at least some entertainment. Finally, I hope that SB Nation discovers a cure for the #1 killer of fun around here: trolls. AHHHHH!!! You all thought I wasn't paying attention! Well, we do what we can when we can. The truth is that trolls are kind of like PED's and PED manufacturers--always one step ahead of the authorities. Even when you IP ban someone, it doesn't keep them from coming back forever. Please continue to be ever-vigilant. Please continue to let us know via email when you spot one of these creatures. As always, the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. Hard to do sometimes, I know.

Have a great weekend.