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Redskins Offensive Improvements: Kirk Cousins

Washington Redskins Backup Quarterback Kirk Cousins proved to be the closer the Redskins needed in 2012. Where can he improve in 2013?

Patrick McDermott

Kirk Cousins proved his weight in gold last season and could be a important factor on how the Washington Redskins start then NFL 2013 Season.

2012 stats: In three games, Cousins completed 33 out of 48 attempts for 466 yards. He was sacked a total of three times, and rushed for a total of 22 yards.


  • Against AFC Teams: Completed 28 for 355 yards, three touchdowns, one interception
  • Against NFC Teams: Completed five for 111 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions

Key Improvements in 2013: His style of play needs balance. On the field, Cousins favors the center and right side when passing. He plays conservative on the left, throwing short passes.

End Thoughts: In his defense, it's hard evaluate where improvements are needed in three games, but if you had to, it begins with balance. He needs to find a way to feel more comfortable on his left. Cousins needs more playing time. Even though everyone continues to debate the duration of Robert Griffin III's return, Cousins, just as he did last year, will have to take advantage of every snap. He needs to be a major part of the offensive scheme this year, possibly taking over more Second half snaps. We need him to be ready to step in and perform at an RG3 level (if that's possible) and make sure the Hogs don't skip a beat.