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A Few Semi-Random Redskins Thoughts on This Mother's Day

Patrick McDermott

1) What will happen with Robert Griffin: We all know by now that the future of the franchise hangs on a few ligaments tethered loosely to Griffin's knee. Can the Redskins do what is necessary to protect the superstar, and almost as equally important, can the superstar do what's necessary to protect himself? We've seen him walk on water, stage just weeks after having surgery to accept an award, do jumping-jacks in front of a crowd of fans at the Redskins Draft Party at FedEx, and shoot some hoops with a former college teammate. Now he's doing track work on the recently repaired knee. Is the superstar doing too much too soon?

2) My thoughts on the draft: Personally, I loved it. Obviously, we won't know for a few years how this all shakes out, but I felt this was one of the best drafts we have had in over 10 years, and not just because I had a few of our selections in some mock drafts I did, or because we stayed away from Jordan Poyer. It was because we addressed positions of need, and got VALUE in the later rounds.

David Amerson - I had Amerson as a first round talent who slipped because of an up-and-down junior season. I believe if he had been a prospect in the 2012 draft, that he would have been a mid-to-late first rounder. We still got him a year early, and we managed to get him in the second half of the second round..................STEAL! Amerson will excel in our defensive scheme, which allows corners to gamble a bit, but also relies on strong safety help. We now have that strong safety help.

Philip Thomas - You all know I loved this kid. Again, another great value pick. I had him graded in the second round. He brings so much athleticism and versatility to the table, and to be able to get him in the fourth round was a STEAL! Thomas can play either safety position, and is an immediate upgrade to our porous secondary.

Bacarri Rambo - WOW! All I can say is wow! This guy is a second round talent, which we managed to land in the sixth round! Amazing! Again, this theme is quite common with me, but we see versatility and athleticism with Rambo, and he came at a position of huge need.

I studied a lot of film on these three prospects, and I felt they all bring a unique presence to our secondary; something we have been lacking for quite some time now.

3) What to do(or what not to do)at Right Tackle: First let me start off with what not to do. DO NOT START Tyler Polumbus, or Jeremy Trueblood. Both are better of as reserves/retired. These two players are huge liabilities at any offensive line position they play; mainly offensive tackle. Asking these two individuals to protect the most valuable investment in the history of our franchise, is like giving North Korea a dozen Tomahawk Missles, and an Air Craft Carrier, and telling them not to use them against us.........................just not a good idea. The coaching staff would be better going with a young player like Tom Compton or Maurice Hurt, or rolling the dice on the oft injured, but still talented, Tony Pashos. Both Trueblood and Polumbus possess the footwork of a knocked-up Khloe Kardashian.

Sometimes high risks yield greater rewards, and I believe this to be the case with Compton, although he'll need to EARN the job this preseason.

4) The wide receiver issue: Many will say there is no issue at wide receiver, but I beg to differ. We have one proven, talented, mis-match nightmare bad dream, in Pierre Garcon, but beyond him, there are huge question marks. Moss is a shadow of his old self, Morgan, while a good blocker, will not force defensive coordinators to stay up late at night trying to find ways to stop him, and Hankerson looks like an eight-year-old boy putting pads on for the first time against nine and ten year olds. Robinson has some potential, but seems to be one-dimensional, and Briscoe can't seem to see the field.

Thankfully we have two legitimate receiving threats in Davis, and newly drafted Reed. Both are exactly what I have been fighting for in our Nations Capital - large, fast, athletic mismatch threats to opposing defenses. I guess the best option is to get these two players on the field as much as possible with Garcon. We re-invented the the traditional offense when we brought in the Pistol Zone Read, so what's to say we can't do it again with a base set of duel(athletic)tight ends, and one wide receiver? Some teams will bring in an extra tight end in sub packages. We can just bring in an extra receiver. Hell, maybe we could be the first team to trot out four tight ends - Davis(X), Reed(Z), Paulsen(Y), and Paul(H), and bring in Thompson as our running back. Could you imagine the look on a defensive coordinators face the first time he sees this personal group?.......................yeah, I couldn't either, as I too would imagine he'd be in the locker room changing his boxers.

5) Finally saw Silver Linings Playbook last night: I have to admit, I couldn't wait to see this movie when it came out on DVD. I had to get to the RedBox early yesterday, as I knew I'd certainly be out of luck if I went anytime after 4pm. As it was, I got the last copy when I arrived at 1:30. I had to wait behind this annoying old man, who was reading the preview on every movie he clicked on - and let me tell you, he must have clicked on at least a dozen movies. Thankfully, this guy must have been a history buff, as he left with Lincoln, Das Boot, and some other foreign movie I'd never heard of, saving for me the final copy of DeNiro's masterpiece.

Well, lets just say it left a little to be desired. Not enough football, gambling and fighting, and too much therapy, dancing and craziness. For one, I hate Bradly Cooper, so I should have known better, but my love for DeNiro, and the hot chick from the Hunger Games would out-weigh that in my mind, so I figured I'd be ok. A little disappointed is all I can say. Now, to top it all off, I have to watch “This is 40", or whatever the hell the damn movie is called tonight with the wife(don't you judge - it is Mother's Day).

Final Thoughts:

We just got a new puppy who is shitting and pissing in the house.

I hope Xavier Nixon makes the team.

My wife hit a curb with her car on Friday, blowing out two tires, and costing me a “G"(this now makes 3 blown tires in 4 months).

Reed Doughty will not make the team this season.

Biff(Joe, Julio, Raymond, Jose, Alexander, Jeff, Bobert Griefing, etc., etc., etc....)from Rockville will emerge with yet another screen name, signed in from(yet again)the same IP address, and will troll for...........wait for it, wait for it............three days, before he discovered, and banned for the 11th time. I will be taking bets on the over-under(I'm setting the line at 2.5 days).

We will keep 10(possibly 11)defensive backs.

Manny Machado is the freaking man!

Pat White will be cut in favor of Tim Tebow, who will be signed within two weeks.

I will NOT enjoy “This is 40".

Penn State recruiting is ON FIRE!

Summer Shandy is my new favorite beer.

Happy Mother's Day! HTTR