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DeAngelo Hall Turned Down More Money From Two Other Teams to Rejoin Redskins

In an interview with 106.7 THE Fan's Lavar and Dukes, DHall said he received offers for more money but chose the Redskins due to the lessons he learned in taking more money in Oakland.

Al Bello

DeAngelo Hall is not a fan favorite or close to it around Redskins Nation. He was signed to hefty free agent contract when Snyder and Zorn were printing money and the team of course lost in embarrassing fashion week in and week out. The former Hokie regularly receives unsportsman-like conduct penalties and the consistency game in and game out just didn't seem to be there. Then something interesting happened. After getting kicked out of the Steelers loss for cursing out a ref, he stepped up big time during that seven game win streak. Dez Bryant was a ghost in that week 17 win vs Dallas to seal the NFC East Championship.

On why DeAngelo returned to the Redskins at a greatly reduced salary:

DHall: "It was about being where I felt comfortable, a place where I felt like I could definitely succeed, and a place I felt like had a chance to win. I can remember a couple years ago when I took that deal and left Atlanta and went to Oakland, I kind of found out the hard way not all money is good money. If a team wants to pay you $7-8 million and you're struggling to go to practice, you're struggling to play in games, your heart's not in it, that's no way to play football. When I feel like I'm not having fun and my heart's not in it, I'm gonna hang it up. I felt like Washington was a place that I definitely wanted to be a part of."

This seems to be a common thread for every player in Oakland at that time. Randy Moss comes to mind.

And about other teams:

"A couple teams gave me some offers that definitely made me think, but like I said, ultimately I had great communication with Coach Shanahan throughout the whole process, with Raheem [Morris] ... so the lines of communication were definitely open. I wasn't shy about letting everybody know I definitely wanted to go back to Washington, but if it didn't work out, I definitely had some other options out there. Just happy that we both could agree on things. This obviously wasn't the most money I could get, but it made the most sense for me and my family."

Statistically, Hall was one of the worst pass defenders somehow being one of the two cornerbacks league wide to allow 1,000 yards. Of course, having Madieu Williams as your safety net in a zone coverage scheme doesn't help. On the flip side, he ranked in the top tier for Cornerback run defense.

Welcome back, DeAngelo. The cheers should be a little louder this year.