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Ranking the Redskins Receivers and Tight Ends

Taking a look at where the Redskins pass catchers come in at in terms of rank.

Tom Pennington

I've already ranked the Redskins Quarterbacks, Running backs/Fullbacks, Offensive tackles and interior offensive linemen. Next up are the pass catchers. Bear in mind that contracts and future potential aren't the issue, rather what can reasonably be expected of them this season.

For my full reasoning behind the rankings check out the following:

Wide Receivers | Tight Ends

*Tiers are based on how they would rank in the league. Sorry for any confusion.

Tier 1:

Description: Top level starter, absolute lock to both make the team and start. Won't face any competition for his job.

Applicable Redskins: None

Tier 2:

Description: Quality starter who may have some minor struggles in a given year, but overall is a good football player. Should both easily make the team and start.

Applicable Redskins: Pierre Garcon, Santana Moss, Fred Davis

Tier 3:

Description: Passable starter, can play the position and be okay, but won't consistently play at a high level. Will be streaky throughout the season and over the course of many seasons. Depending on position would be better served as a good role player, or would be the best reserve player at a position. Should make the team, though not a lock and should face competition for a starting job.

Applicable Redskins: Josh Morgan, Leonard Hankerson, Logan Paulsen

Tier 4:

Description: Replacement level starter. This is a guy who could start in a pinch or as a long-term injury replacement but will max out as an average starter, and will probably be below average. He's a guy who could be okay as a short term filler, but over an extended period will struggle. Depending on position could be a solid player, or would be a good back-up. Has a decent chance to make the team, and could get a look at a starting job, but nothing is set in stone for him.

Applicable Redskins: Aldrick Robinson, Dezmon Briscoe, Chris Cooley

Tier 5:

Description: Solid back-up caliber player. Shouldn't really ever start, and would be below average in that capacity, but can be a short term injury replacement. Shouldn't even be much of a role player depending on the position, their best value is in their reliability as a replacement. Depending on the position, should be capable of backing up multiple positions or roles to increase their value. Has a chance to make the team, but really shouldn't be considered a starting option at all.

Applicable Redskins: Niles Paul, DeAngelo Peterson

Tier 6:

Description: Replacement level player. Not considered at all for a starting role, and isn't even considered a viable back-up. Really only has a shot to make the team if injuries thin out the competition. Overall has a poor chance to make a roster, and is a player who will likely be replaced during the season.

Applicable Redskins: Darius Hanks

What do you think? Where would you rank the Redskins receivers and tight ends?