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Mel Kiper Gives Redskins C+ Draft Grade

Mel Kiper didn't think the Redskins had a good draft, which makes me like our draft more.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

When it comes to Mel Kiper, I pretty much toss out everything he says. He's a fabulous entertainer and I enjoy watching him on TV do his thing, but he's been way too wrong for me. Like the time he pounded the table for the Redskins to draft Jimmy Clausen at #4. Shnahan went with Trent Williams. And the fact he gave the Redskins a C+ grade last year initially after later changing it to a B+. Oh, and he also watches film with Vinny Cerrato. Anyway,,,,here's his link to every team's grades:

Redskins Grade: C+

Summary: The Redskins get a bump here because RG III is technically part of the value component when we grade what they got from this draft. But he is also coming back from an injury and we'll see how they utilize him differently in 2013. He's still a fabulous player, but there's at least a little we don't know. In terms of hitting needs, this was just OK. They need help all over the secondary, and David Amerson was a slight reach for me in Round 2, but at least offers depth. He was exceptional in 2011, but had some ugly games in 2012, so if he cleans up his play they get a good player. Phillip Thomas and Bacarri Rambo offer depth at safety, with Thomas close to being ready to start. I wouldn't be surprised if he does. Jordan Reed gives them a potential matchup threat at tight end, though I might have targeted an offensive lineman first.Brandon Jenkins is an interesting guy because if he's 100 percent he's a really good pass-rusher.Chris Thompson could be yet another good late-round RB story for Mike Shanahan, but he'll need to stay on the field. I think Washington should have taken an inside linebacker, but didn't. Not a bad draft, because the Redskins added depth at need spots.

Round Pick Position Player College
(2) 51 CB David Amerson NC State
(3) 85 TE Jordan Reed Florida
(4) 119 S Phillip Thomas Fresno State
(5) 154 RB Chris Thompson Florida State
(5) 162 LB Brandon Jenkins Florida State
(6) 191 S Bacarri Rambo Georgia
(7) 228 RB Jawan Jamison Rutgers