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Redskins Draft Recap

Quick recap and analysis of Redskins 2013 draft class.

Jordan Reed, TE
Jordan Reed, TE
Sam Greenwood

WOW! That as a riveting 15 hours of hang on to your seat draft coverage; I myself probably watched all but 2 hours of the coverage, but followed everything on Twitter and the NFL Xtra App. The first round was a blessing for the Redskins in that the majority of the guys that we have been discussing for months were still on the board. ShanAllen did their thing and threw us all for a loop or two, but as with any great masterpiece, you have to take a step back form it and look at it in context.

David Amerson, CB

Amerson should be able to get into the conversation as a potential starter, if not coming out of training cam, at some point during the season. He is a playmaker, which is both a gift and a curse. He is a first round talent with boom or bust potential. Read more here: (

Jordan Reed, TE

I believe that Reed will be the most productive of the draft picks this season and will be formation utility piece and not just a TE. He's a guy that can line up in the slot and be moved all around the field. I think Reed may end up being loved on the field more than any current TE and probably most of the receivers as well, save for Pierre Garcon. I can see the mad scientist Kyle Shanahan drooling and muttering "you complete me" to the marking in his playbook that represents Reed in multiple formations. For more detail see UKs post on him here:

Phillip Thomas, S

Thomas is another DB with boom or bust potential. He is a playmaker much like Amerson, but if you watch him versus Oregan ( you will see him get nicely roasted, which certainty scared some teams and moved him down draft boards. Read more on him here (

Chris Thompson, RB

Thomspon is another boom or bust pick, but not so much because he has some bad film. The concerns with him are mainly medical. A torn ACL in 2012 and a back injury in 2011 probably kept him off of some draft boards. This is one of those picks that I feel could have been used on another player, as Thompson could have very well gone undrafted, but the team thought/knew otherwise. Read more here: (

Brandon Jenkins, OLB

Jenkins is a PASS....RUSHER in it's strictest since, so much so that he pretty much hit the field just for that one purpose at FSU. To begin with, don't expect much more than that from him, but in the mold of Rob Jackson, allow him some time to hit the field situationally and develop into an well rounded every down player. Read more here: (

Bacarri Rambo, S

RAMBO! I believe that a small cult following developed for Rambo as the draft unfolded and he was till sitting on the board. Off field issues definitely impacted his draft stock. In post draft interviews he has indicated that those issues are behind him. He is another boom or bust turnover guy, but could be an absolute steal as a 6th round pick. Read more here: (

Jawan Jamison, RB

Jamison he's not a burner, but he is a solid one cut runner. He should be a plus in pass blocking and should push Royster (possibly off the roster). Read more here: (

In context, while Amerson, Thomas, and Rambo are all boom on bust, we should look for the boom. The secret weapons that should help their boom you say? Raheem Morris, the chip on their shoulder from their draft position, and a fierce competition for playing time that will ensue in the secondary. The hungriest of the bunch will be on the field and with the playmaking potential that each of these DBs, plus the playmaking ability of the current DB's, the weak secondary from last year could be a force to be reckoned with.

Stay tuned for a draft reaction post with the thoughts from each writer on the draft class sometime tomorrow.