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2013 NFL Draft: Washington Redskins Select RB Jawan Jamison in Seventh Round

The Redskins round-out their 2013 draft by taking Rutgers running back Jawan Jamison

Patrick McDermott

Mike Shanahan loves his running backs, and a year after selecting a 1,600-yard rusher in the late rounds, he decided to try his luck again. Twice.

Jawan Jamison is the second of two running backs taken by the Redskins this year, with Florida State's Chris Thompson going ahead of him in the fifth round. Jamison is of a different breed however, and is considered a nice fit behind a zone-blocking offensive line.

Jamison sat out his freshman and sophomore seasons, but carried the ball 486 times for 1,972 yards over his junior and senior years. He even showcased himself as a decent checkdown option, catching 28 passes his senior season for 323 yards.

At a compact 207 pounds within a 5-foot-7 frame, he has the bulk to be a bell-cow running back should Alfred Morris be unable to take the field, and could even push Evan Royster, Roy Helu, Jr. and newly drafted Chris Thompson for a roster spot. Helu and Thompson are coming off season ending injuries, and though Jamison didn't miss time, he was hampered by a nagging ankle injury.

Additionally, though he isn't a burner, he's the kind of decisive, one-cut-and-go runner that fits the quintessential mold of Shanahan's late-round running backs. Because of that, and because of Shanahan's history of hitting big in late rounds, it's looking more and more like there will be an open competition this summer to back-up Morris.

(Fun Fact: Jamison's college passer rating is 564.4. He attempted one pass, and completed it for a 16-yard touchdown)