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2013 NFL Draft: Washington Redskins Select Florida Tight End Jordan Reed at 85

The Redskins' second pick lands them a "joker" tight end who can line up just about anywhere.

Sam Greenwood

The Redskins offense just got another weapon.

Jordan Reed, a tight end out of the University of Florida, is a versatile chess piece that can line up anywhere and give defenses mismatch nightmares. That's just what he did in the SEC, as Reed led the Gators in receiving his senior year despite inconsistent quarterback play, and it was his crisp route running and ability to get open down the seam which bolstered his production.

Additionally, Reed has the experience and the ability to line up just about anywhere in a formation, not unlike another former Florida tight end, Aaron Hernandez. From those spots, Reed could beat man coverage at a consistent enough basis and get downfield quickly enough to make Mike Shanahan believe it can translate to the professional level. That's a nice weapon to have going forward, as it would continue to keep the middle of the field Robert Griffin III's favorite area to throw to after freezing linebackers and defensive backs with play-fakes.

This selection isn't so much an indictment on current tight end Fred Davis' inability to get onto the field. Reed may be a tight end, but by title only. He is of a different mold than Davis, and could serve as a complement in two tight-end sets, rather than being his replacement. in fact, at 6-foot-3 and 240 pounds, Reed's size is more comparable to Chris Cooley than Davis, though Reed has a less compact build.

The Redskins seemed to get another solid contributor in the early phases of their draft. With solid options still available at positions of need, Reed appears to be a great get at this point.