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Ranking the Redskins Defensive backs

Taking a look at where the Redskins current defensive backs rank.


With the draft upon us and the Redskins likely to add to this group tonight (hopefully), I thought it was a good time to post my positional rankings for the defensive backs. Remember these rankings are how are for league wide standards, and is based on a reasonable expectation for their performance in 2013. Contract status and future potential are not really considered.

Full my full reasoning behind my rankings check out the following:

Safeties | Cornerbacks

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Tier 1:

Description: Top level starter, at elite or near elite level, absolute lock to both make the team and start. Won't face any competition for his job.

Applicable Redskins: None

Tier 2:

Description: Quality starter who may have some minor struggles in a given year, but overall is a good football player. Should both easily make the team and start.

Applicable Redskins: Josh Wilson

Tier 3:

Description: Passable starter, can play the position and be okay, but won't consistently play at a high level. Will be streaky throughout the season and over the course of many seasons. Depending on position would be better served as a good role player, or would be the best reserve player at a position. Should make the team, though not a lock and should face competition for a starting job.

Applicable Redskins: Brandon Meriweather, DeAngelo Hall, E.J. Biggers

Tier 4:

Description: Replacement level starter. This is a guy who could start in a pinch or as a long-term injury replacement but will max out as an average starter, and will probably be below average. He's a guy who could be okay as a short term filler, but over an extended period will struggle. Depending on position could be a solid player, or would be a good back-up. Has a decent chance to make the team, and could get a look at a starting job, but nothing is set in stone for him.

Applicable Redskins: Reed Doughty

Tier 5:

Description: Solid back-up caliber player. Shouldn't really ever start, and would be below average in that capacity, but can be a short term injury replacement. Shouldn't even be much of a role player depending on the position, their best value is in their reliability as a replacement. Depending on the position, should be capable of backing up multiple positions or roles to increase their value. Has a chance to make the team, but really shouldn't be considered a starting option at all.

Applicable Redskins: DeJon Gomes, Jordan Pugh, Richard Crawford, Jerome Murphy

Tier 6:

Description: Replacement level player. Not considered at all for a starting role, and isn't even considered a viable back-up. Really only has a shot to make the team if injuries thin out the competition. Overall has a poor chance to make a roster, and is a player who will likely be replaced during the season.

Applicable Redskins: Jordan Bernstein, Devin Holland, Chance Minnifield

What do you think? Where should the Redskins defensive backs rank?