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Open Thread: Rounds 2-3 NFL Draft; Win a KERRAKPO T-Shirt!

Here is the latest Redskins' draft news roundup including an updated Redskins draft board. Whoever guesses the first Redskins pick correctly in the comments wins a t-shirt (multiple winners allowed).

Some important news and links before the fun kicks off at 6:30PM EST:

NFL Draft Day Two: Best Available Players For Redskins - UKRedskin
That was a very interesting night in which the Redskins have to be happy with. Plenty of reaching for offensive lineman and pass rushers has left a fairly wide range of talent still on the board in...

The Hogs Haven/HTTR24-7 Redskins Draft Board - URedskin
The Hogs Haven and HTTR24-7 staff's teamed up to put together their own 245 player Redskins draft board.

1st Round NFL Draft Recap - Steve Shoup
A recap of all the night one, err, drama.

2013 NFL Draft: 2nd round mock draft - SBN: Mocking the Draft
51. Redskins, D.J. Swearinger

Live - 2013 NFL Draft Tracker –
Live updates of the current draft board.

T-Shirt Contest..........

Whoever guesses the Redskins' first draft pick correctly, whether they pick at #51 like schedule or several picks later wins a KERRAKP t-shirt. Good luck! (And if you have bad luck, you can always just buy one...they're only $13).