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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup

Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web


Redskins, Shanahan in Familiar Position Tonight at NFL Draft " CBS DC
Mike Shanahan is very familiar with the No. 51 pick in the NFL draft. The team was a spectator for Thursday's first round, so 51 holds a bit more importance than usual.

Shanahan: Glad to have QB position 'solved' | Comcast SportsNet Washington
"Any time you have your quarterback position solved," Shanahan said Wednesday, "you feel much more comfortable as a coach, I can tell you that for sure."

RGIII on being kept out of the Browns game
"And there’s no one else out there that can put themselves in my shoes in that moment, because no one else has a 350-pound Haloti Ngata running at them in that moment. So I see Haloti, I try to get down, Haloti keeps going, and my leg happens to go up in the air and it gets hit….

2013 NFL Mock Draft Round 2 - Fanspeak's NFL Draft Blog | Fanspeak's NFL Draft Blog

Redskins do extensive homework on prospects with troubled pasts
"If it’s a big risk, we’re not going there. We’re not going there," Shanahan said Wednesday in his pre-draft press conference. "We’ve worked too hard to build this football team to take big risks. Now, will you take a risk? It all depends on how much research you do and you decide if it’s worth the risk, and sometimes we’ll look at a guy and someone will think it is a big risk but we’ve done our homework so, if it was that big a risk, he wouldn’t be on our football team. So, you go ahead and do your homework, your due diligence. There’s always mistakes made, but that’s something that we put a lot of time in."

Need to Know: Trading for the sake of trading - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
When the Cowboys were on the clock with the 18th pick in the draft on Thursday, they faced a situation where there was nobody on the board they particularly wanted to draft. There had been a run on all of the top six offensive linemen, who were gone by the 11th pick. Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro had gone to the Saints a few picks before the Cowboys went on the clock. So instead of taking the best available player Jerry Jones did what he has done 15 times in the 20 drafts since he canned Jimmy Johnson and became the teams de facto general manager—he traded the Cowboys’ first-round pick.

A good first round for the Redskins - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
If the Redskins staff had drawn up a plan for how they would have liked the first round to go they probably would not have drawn it up much different from how it actually unfolded. The Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys all got offensive linemen. Certainly they got players in positions of need but they didn't get anyone who would threaten RG3 or scare the Redskins' shaky defensive backfield. The board was barely touched at safety, the Redskins' primary area of...

Rams trade Redskins' pick to Falcons - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
For the second year in a row, the Rams have traded back from a first-round pick they got from the Redskins in the RG3 trade.

NFL draft: Secondary help is Redskins' first priority - Washington Times
"It’s a great safety class — best safety class I’ve seen in years," said Mike Mayock, NFL Network draft analyst and former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback. "Maybe not with a bunch of first-round guys that you’re going to run around and say, ‘That’s my guy,’ but depth of the class."

Best available prospects for Day 2 |

The top 100 players for Day 2 of the NFL Draft

With Lane Johnson aboard, how athletic is the Eagles’ offensive line? – Blogging the bEast

Initial thoughts on the Giants’ selection of Justin Pugh – Blogging the bEast

NFC East gets wise, looks to the line - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys each picked an offensive lineman in this year's first round. And while that had something to do with the oddity of a first round that included one quarterback, no running backs and nine offensive lineman, it also says a lot about how badly this division as a whole needs to address this long-neglected need.

Cowboys cap weird night with lineman pick - NFC East Blog - ESPN

The Cowboys play the first round strangely. First of all, they traded their pick, No. 18 overall, to the 49ers for the 31st pick and the 74th pick (which is the 12th pick of the third round). Then, with the 31st pick, they selected Wisconsin center Travis Frederick, who was … not a guy anybody was talking about.

How do new NFL draft picks get jerseys with their names on the back so fast? | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

Every player who is in New York to hear their name called and give a big bro hug to commissioner Roger Goodell is given an official team hat (on sale now!) and a jersey with their name on the back.

Josh Wilson Takes Pay Cut, Says "We're Here to win Championships & Sacrifices Have to be Made"

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson has taken a 2 million dollar pay cut on his contract.…