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The Best Player Available at #51: Menelik Watson, FSU

Florida State University Offensive Tackle Menelik Watson may not be a top pick in the NFL 2013 Draft, but he might be the right pick for the Washington Redskins' Offensive Line.


How Menelik Would Fit In A Redskins' Offense: Standing at 6-5 and weighing 310 pounds, Menelik Watson is a giant amongst men, and would be a vicious addition to the Redskins' offensive line. He would be the No.2 man in height next to Tyler Polumbus, who stands at 6-8. Menelik would provide a strong right side to QB Robert Griffin III and benefit his Option plays.His blocking power begins excellent foot movement and speed (contributed to his basketball years) to adjust to the incoming defense. In many aspects, you're running into a wall. Bear in mind he's not an up-front blocker; he's pushing blockers outside the pass box and leaving them no time to readjust to make a play.

: Menelik grabs very high at the top due to his height, which could result in penalties if he doesn't stay aware.

End Thoughts: Menelik is a textbook player for the Redskins' offensive line. Given the issues the Hogs had in the past when it comes to pass protection, he would be a great addition to the line. Griffin was sacked 30 times for a loss of 217 yards. With RG3 recovering from a serious injury, he'll need all the protection he can get. A fresh blocker out front would be a great idea.