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Most Hated Quarterback in the NFL Today

Who is your most hated QB in the NFL today?

Al Bello

Eli Manning - Who can forget the crying episode he had on draft day when he was selected by the Chargers, and went up on stage with his jersey in hand. Most players are gracious when they are drafted, but not this privileged little brat, who grew up with a silver spoon. Sometimes you wonder who really does the thinking in that head of his; him or papa Archie. Many also consider him the luckiest player to ever win a Super Bowl.

Tony Romo - The great choke-artist for the so called “Americas Team" has more interest in playing golf and dating celebrities than improving his sketchy game. He looks like Baby New Year, and plays like Baby Huey. If I hear one more guarantee of him winning a Super Bowl in Dallas, I may vomit. Hey Tony, maybe you should concentrate on winning a playoff game, or hell, even getting to the playoffs first.

Tom Brady - If you're a hater, what's not to hate. He was a 6th round draft pick who was a long-shot to even make the team. He has now grown into the best looking, most cerebral, accurate, clutch performers in the game today. Pretty soon he's not going to have enough fingers to hold all the rings he will win. Oh, and did I mention, he has one of the hottest wife's on the face of the planet? Hatters gonna hate!

Michael Vick - If your an animal lover, this may be your choice. I never really disliked Vick until the whole dog fighting episode, but that certainly changed my perception of him. I found the whole "Ron Mexico" thing to be entertaining.

Jay Cutler - He's a whiner, a baby, and he'll throw teammates under the bus in the blink of an eye; what's not to love here.

Ben Roethlisberger - Men who sexually assault women are usually not high up on my list of favorite players. I hate him because I can't spell his name.

Peyton Manning - Some hate him for being so damn good. Others hate him for never saying or doing anything that remotely resembles something wrong in public. Even more hate him for his quirky mechanics in the pocket. I hate him because he looks so bad in a helmet. Whatever your choice, there are plenty who do not like him (mainly fans of other teams he regularly beats).

Cam Newton - Too cocky? Too talented? Poser? I personally love him, but many don't feel the same way.

Mark Sanchez - I almost feel bad putting him on this list, but he's the cover boy in the nation's largest city, so of course he'll garner some haters.

Tim Tebow - Although he's not a starter, I have to have him on my list, if for nothing more, simply for being too good a person. Some people think his actions are a front. I personally don't , but for those who do, he's hated.

Collin Kaepernick - The hate may have just grown this past season, but I believe most was excessive media hype, and the notion that he pioneered the read-option (which we all know wasn't true). Some may hate the ink.