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7 Round SB Nation Live Mock Draft-Redskins Results

A recap of how the Redskins fared in the SB Nation Live Mock Draft.

Joe Robbins

By Hoghunter:
This year’s 7 Round SB Nation Live Mock Draft was moved to Turf Show Times after Mocking The Draft lost the ability to have FanPosts last year. I assumed the role of GM for this mock, and enlisted a great group of Assistant GM’s in P_Hazard, Steve Shoup, and ENsDad27. Paul was able to step into the GM role for the majority of the picks due to my previous commitments, and he did a fantastic job.
This year’s edition added the ability to trade players currently on a team’s roster for draft picks or other players. I think this was a bad addition, and it made for a lot of ridiculous trades. I think Tebow was the hot potato that was traded 4 different times. I did offer up Kirk Cousins as a joke for a 1st round pick this year, and a mid-round pick next year. But there were sadly no takers on that steal of a deal.
Trading sessions were held all week and for better or worse a lot of trades were completed. I was able to get a very good trade done with the Ravens. We sent our 2nd and 7th round picks to the Ravens for their 2nd, 4th, and 5th round picks. Another deal from the Cardinals was on the table, but it would have dropped us completely out of the 2nd round which we did not feel comfortable doing. I also secured a trade with the Jets that sent our 5th round pick from the Patriots to the Jets. In return we received the Jets, 6th and 7th round picks and the Texans 2014 7th round pick. This gave us nine selections in the draft and ammunition to maneuver if a player we liked dropped.
The draft was a strange one with Geno Smith falling completely out of the 1st round, and Ryan Nassib going #8 overall. Running backs dropped a lot more than I expected, and there was incredible value in every round. I won’t go into detail on every pick, but I felt the draft went very well for us. We were able to address all the need positions, and got the extra picks that I was looking for. We were allowed to select 5 UDFA’s after the draft concluded, and I feel we got some talent that could compete in camp.
Draft Picks:
2.32 #62 Kyle Long, OT, Oregon
3.23 #85 Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon St
4.22 #119 Tony Jefferson, FS, Oklahoma
4.32 #129 John Simon, OLB, Ohio St
5.21 #154 Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma St
5.32 #165 Cobi Hamilton, WR, Arkansas
6.10 #178 Terry Hawthorne, CB, Illinois
6.23 #191 Michael Williams, TE, Alabama
7.09 #215 Everett Dawkins, DT/DE, Florida St
Redskins UDFA
Dominick Reyes, S, Stony Brook
Joe Vellano, DT, Maryland
Uzoma Nwachukwu, WR, Texas A&M
Jawan Jamison, RB, Rutgers
Travis Johnson OLB, San Jose St.
Redskins trade #51 and #229 for the Ravens #62, #130, and #165
Redskins trade #162, for the Jets #178, #215, and the Texans '14 7th

My quick take:

Hoghunter and P_Hazard did most of the heavy lifting in this draft, and I think they did a fantastic job. We were able to hit just about every need and great really good to great value with every pick. The trade backs were risk because we had to complete them before we were on the clock, but I think it worked out great. What do you guys think?

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