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Video of Kirk Cousins Singing Pretty Woman in High School Play

Kirk Cousins did some analyst work in the broadcast booth this weekend for the Big 10 Network and as a thank you, they surprised him with some old, High School, must-see footage.

This video is well worth your time. It's from 2007 when Kirk Cousins attended Holland Christian High School. He was part of "The Living Hope Singers" club that performed at the annual Spring event called the Showcase.

During the broadcast when the BTN showed the footage, Cousins laughed and said, "That is major blackmail material, but it's all in good fun." What this video includes:

  • Cousins singing "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" in a cowboy hat
  • Cousins singing Pretty Woman in a quartet boy band
  • Cousins singing in a pink, satin shirt
Surely, if this was Romo or Eli Manning I'd be covering this with a different tone, but, well, he's a Redskin and it's good to see teammates with good character as Mike Shanahan would say. Perhaps his teammates can convince him to put out a Christmas CD with "Little Drummer Boy" and "Silent Night". Yes, that needs to happen.

Also of note, Kirk Cousins will be releasing a book:
Cousins is also releasing a book, "Game Changer: Faith, Football and Finding Your Way" on June 25. He said it's not a biography but rather a story penned to the 15-year-old Kirk Cousins warning him about the next 10 years and the good and bad decisions along the way.

(H/T by CBS Sports)