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Welcome New Members

Welcome to all new members; writers, posters and readers alike.

I think it's time for an introduction. There are so many new faces(and some who have just changed screen names), that I don't know who is who anymore. Gone are the days of LJP. Hell, I haven't even seen Rekka and Carver for months - kinda like that commercial on TV when the neighbor comes stumbling over to his friend backyard barbecue with his winter coat on, and they sit him down against the tree, and the guys yells, “somebody get this man a burger".

For all you new guys and gals, kindly, if you choose to do so, take a minute and give us an introduction to yourself. How did you find out about HogsHaven, were you on another Redskins site before, do you plan on sticking around(haha), any interesting facts or funny stories we should know about you(this always comes in handy when you get into a heated debate with another poster), and any obscure Redskins stories you wish to share with everyone(ie., we just really want to know your a Redskin fan, and not a troll).

Feel free to add any other interesting fun facts about yourself that will make you stand out in our community. As you will see, we are all like family here. That's what makes this the best Redskins site on the web.

To all the new writers, share your story with us.

Welcome to all!