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Daily Slop: Shanahan Keeping An Eye On Rest Of Division; Is Monday Night Opener a Clue to RG3's Progress?

Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web


Is Monday night opener a clue to RG3's progress? | CSN Washington
The bigger meaning here is the fact that the Redskins are scheduled for a prime time game so early in the season. Soon after Griffin started his rehab there was word that the suits at the league and at the networks were very interested in keeping tabs on how well the star QB was doing.

Predicting the Redskins' schedule | CSN Washington
It is foolish to try to predict the score of an NFL game an hour before it happens. It’s flat out crazy to try to call the games months before they are going to be played. But crazy never stopped me before, here are your results

Redskins 2013 Schedule: My Take |

A look at why the Redskins schedule isn't too favorable before the season starts.

Washington Redskins Strength Coach: Who Is Strongest Player? | 4th & Pain
Washington Redskins Strength and Conditioning Assistant Coach Chad Englehart joins 4th & Pain. Who is the strongest Redskin? We now have confirmation it's Adam Carriker. Plus, Englehart says RGIII is a dream to work with in the weight room.

RGIII is ‘a monster’ in the weight room
"It takes a little longer to recover from your second [ACL surgery] than it does from your first," Grover told the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan Thursday morning. "I would recommend that he actually plays a season with a brace on, just to be on the safe side. I don’t expect anything less [performance-wise] from him. But again, he has to believe in it from a mental standpoint. With a quarterback, your skills are so finely tuned, you’re seeing things so fast, so if you’re thinking about your knee or you’re thinking about the injury from a mental standpoint, that’s going to be his biggest battle. Because you don’t have that much time to think out there. Everything is about reflex and reactions."

Washington Redskins schedule analysis - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Breakdown: The questions about Robert Griffin III and his recovery from offseason knee surgery wasn't enough to deter the NFL and ESPN from scheduling

Need to Know: More weapons for RG3? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
But even without the pending upheaval at the position, the fact that the Redskins gave up so much to get Robert Griffin III requires them to invest resources in offensive skill positions. "I think you can get a quality receiver at 51, and you cannot support your quarterback enough," Mayock said. "You put a lot of money and a lot of draft picks into your quarterback."

Why are the Redskins going to Oakland again? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
In 2010 to make for the most equitable travel for teams going west, the scheduling rotation was tweaked. Thus anything prior to 2010 is not going to match up exactly 4 years later. Now a team playing the AFC West visits or hosts BOTH Denver and Oakland and visits/hosts BOTH KC & San Diego so there is only one far west trip. The same thing happened when Washington most recently played the NFC West in 2011. Now an eastern team will host/visit BOTH St. Louis & Seattle and visits/hosts both San Francisco and Arizona – again splitting up the game against westernmost clubs.

Flashback Friday: Art, Gary and Ricky - Posse Love (Video) -
Flashback Friday features "The Posse" this week. Click for the video.

NFL Draft Value Board |

Taking a look at where the value is for potential draftees

Shanahan Keeping An Eye On Rest Of Division
With the schedule release set for tonight, Redskins HC Mike Shanahan said he bases offseason personnel moves to counter what division opponents have done.

Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the Redskins’ 2013 schedule – Blogging the bEast

ESPN’s Stats & Analysis delivers 2013 NFL Schedule in ‘record’ time " ESPN Front Row
"This year was the quickest we’ve ever been able to print, enter, double-check and transmit the schedule out of our database — 17 minutes," said Stats Analyst Sean Coyle, who oversees all pregame aspects of the NFL, including rosters, schedules and communication with the league.

Fanspeak's 2013 NFL Draft Player Value Big Board | FanSpeak's NFL Draft Blog
How do you know exactly where players should be drafted in the upcoming NFL Draft? That's where our Player value Big Board comes into play.