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2013 Redskins Schedule: Pros and Cons

Dan Ciarrocchi gives his initial reactions to the newly announced 2013 Washington Redskins schedule

Patrick Smith


The Week 5 Bye

At first glance, it seems like one of the most important weeks of the season is one that the Redskins don’t play in.

The importance of having an early bye with Robert Griffin III recovering from his torn ACL is paramount. This gives him an extra week to rest without having to sit out an additional game, which is especially important should Griffin have to begin the season on the physically unable to perform list. If that would mean missing only five games as opposed to six, that’s huge for this team.

Five-- Count 'Em-- FIVE Prime Time Games

Redskins fans have long awaited the perception of what was a struggling franchise to change, and they have a chance to show the world that 2012 was no fluke. The pressure will certainly be on under prime time lights, but after they went 3-0 in nationally televised games a season ago, they will be seasoned for action.

Andy Reid Revisits D.C.

This minor detail probably won’t matter to most fans, but I remember talking to my cousin during halftime of the Seahawks vs. Redskins game last January. It's bizarre that this came up in conversation, but I reminded him that no matter what happens in this game, the Redskins still get to face Andy Reid next season. This made him feel a lot better, and I don’t blame him.

Closing the Regular Season at the Giants

Let’s face it-- it’s not likely that 2012’s regular season end can be topped. Beating Dallas at home to clinch a division title? That’s pretty epic. But having the chance to play a meaningful game in December and stick it to John Mara’s team in the process? The only thing better than that would be to play in that same stadium just a few weeks later.


Opening Versus the Eagles

Even though this is at home, and versus the weakest divisional rival, there’s the old phrase that goes “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” The Eagles are devils we don’t know.

There are educated guesses as to what you could see Chip Kelly and company unleash on that Monday night, but they’re just that-- guesses. For two seasons now, the Eagles have been a talented but under-performing team, and if a sleeping giant gets roused on Week 1, I don’t want it to be in front of the entire world while Robert Griffin III watches on the sidelines with a clipboard in his hand. Not saying the Redskins have no shot here with Cousins at the helm (far from it), it’s just always easier to prepare with available film of your opponents.

Facing the Packers at Lambeau

I’m not sure if playing Green Bay at Lambeau Field on Week 2 is necessarily a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, you don’t have to deal with a sheet of ice as a playing surface in November or December. On the other hand, this is a Super Bowl caliber team, at home, and the likelihood of walking in there without your starting quarterback looms.

The memory of Colin Kaepernick and the read option running rampant versus the Packers in last year’s playoffs won’t fade quickly, which is why having the weapon that is RG3 against them would be great. Unfortunately, that’s not something that can be counted on come September 15. It's possible, just not probable.

The Homestretch

It’s not going to be a picnic. Although the stage would be set for a dramatic end-of-the-season run with games lined up versus the Cowboys and Giants, it’s not going to be easy. The Cowboys, regardless of what kind of struggles they are having, always put up a good fight, and the Giants are far from a pushover team. With the Falcons looming on Week 15, the Redskins are going to need all hands on deck, and hopefully a good enough record at that point to be able to survive a few blows.