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What's the Worst that Could Happen? Draft Day Edition

Dan Ciarrocchi offers a couple horrendous Redskins scenarios come draft day and invites the Hogs Haven community members to come up with their own.

Chris Trotman

Ever since the Redskins' 2012 season ended, all of us here at Hogs Haven have spoken non-stop about the draft. We’ve profiled dozens of players, provided mock drafts from Steve Shoup, big boards from Tiller and gotten some great tape review from UK.

Add it all up, and comments sections have been inundated with ideal draft scenarios, but mostly just Shoup and Tiller duking it out and banging the table for Player X. (Before getting to know them, I had no idea scroll bars on my browser were capable of moving down the screen so slowly. Some serious props to them.)

But now, instead of ideal scenarios, I want to know the worst. What could conceivably happen that could undo the credibility this newer, smarter regime of ShanAllen? I’m not talking “trade the entire draft for Ricky Williams” bad (though the Redskins “won” that trade by a much slimmer margin than they should have. Sigh), because that kind of a trade is just not going to happen.

For me, I think the worst would be trading up to draft a shaky player who doesn’t fill a need, or one who fills a need that could be satisfied much later in the draft. Something like, I don’t know, moving up to pick No. 21 and taking a raw, 26-year-old prospect in Margus Hunt. I like the guy, but he wouldn't be worth the gamble.

Or, perhaps just as bad, staying put and taking the Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu at 51 while Jamar Taylor, Jordan Poyer or Blidi Wreh-Wilson sit on their couches waiting. That would suck.

As a community that follows the Redskins closely, we aren’t unfamiliar with horrendous drafts, though mercifully, we haven’t been subjected to one of those in a few years. So let’s see if we can fill up the comments section Tiller/Shoup style with apocalyptic draft day scenarios that even Jets fans would have a tough time out-booing come the end of April.