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Unveiling The Hogs Haven/HTTR24-7 Redskins Draft Board


Last year the Hogs Haven writers staff got together and put together our own Redskins draft board, ranking players at every position based on not only their talent and ability, but also their fit within the Redskins scheme. You guys appeared to like it last year, so we're bringing it back in time for next weeks NFL Draft. This time round Steve Shoup and I teamed up with the guys from; Kevin, Kenneth and Justin for some differing perspectives on the rankings.

The ranking system is the same as last year. We split each round into three sections: A, B and C. A represents a player graded to go in the top third of the round, B represents a player graded to go in the middle third of the round and C represents a player graded to go in the last third of the round. This year we have 245 players, as opposed to the 229 players we had on the board last year. Just as last year, I'm going to keep the board updated as the picks come in. If a square is yellow, the player has been drafted. If the square is red, he's been drafted by the Redskins.

>>> Link to the draft board <<<<

The first thing I took away from this was the lack of elite talent. We only have five players ranked in the '1A' category, last year we had double that. We all felt pretty strongly that the strength of this class is the depth of its talent in the middle rounds. There's plenty of good players to be had in this draft, let's hope the Redskins can draft well again.