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"The Fred Smoot Show", Hosted By Fred Smoot and Ken Meringolo, Premieres on Friday, April 26

Join Hogs Haven and Fred Smoot at Primetime Sports Bar and Grille for "The Fred Smoot Show" on Friday, April 26 in Fairfax.

I am extremely excited to announce the premiere episode of The Fred Smoot Show, featuring yours truly on stage with everyone's favorite Smootsmack-dropping cornerback. Our very own Harrison Weinhold has led the team to put together a hell of a guest list. As of this morning, we are expecting DeAngelo Hall, Jarvis Jenkins, Darrel Young, Josh Morgan and Colt Brennan. That's right...Colt Brennan. The way that guys are stepping up to get involved in the show, I wouldn't be surprised if we had some additional surprise guests.

The show will be taped live at Primetime Sports Bar and Grille, in Fairfax, VA on Friday, April 26 at 8:00 PM. The pre-show will be put on by at 6:30 PM and then main event will commence shortly thereafter. We'll be there early talking about the draft, and will open the format up for Q&A before it is all done so fans can get a chance to ask questions of the panel.

NOTE: On May 11, the Race for the Cure "Make Mom Proud" Event will be held and Josh Morgan needs your help! At the show, we'll be looking for a few people to join the team and help us reach Josh's modest goal of $15k for the first official "Team Morgan" event. Please take a minute and join and/or if you're not up to walking, please consider contributing a donation and add the special discount code MORGAN for $10 off registration. The Team Member who raises the most prior to 11:59 PM on Monday, May 6, may accompany Josh to the Canadian Embassy for the official Kickoff Reception. Thanks for your consideration for this worthy cause. Click here to learn more. e have a lot of fun segments planned and everyone involved is geared up to have a great time. If you are able to make, it we would love to see you out there for the show.

P.S. The picture used in the promotional flyers is from an appearance I made on The Grant Wuhl Show. They found a still shot of me looking like a chimp...or chump, not sure which, probably both. Either way, you all know I like to set the bar nice and low in pictures in the hopes I can impress in person!