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Redskins #MockFive Draft Results

Recapping how the Redskins fared in the #MockFive Twitter Draft

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Here are the most recent results of the #MockFive Twitter draft. I was joined by HogHunter as my assistant G.M. This was an interesting draft because it was the first time that compensation picks were included, so it was the most realistic of all of them so far. Below are the picks we made plus some thoughts from both HogHunter and myself.

For the Full recap on the picks Go Here

2nd Round CB Johnthan Banks, Mississippi State

3rd Round OL Barrett Jones, Alabama

4th Round S Duke Williams, Nevada

5th Round RB Kenjon Barner, Oregon

5th Round NT Kwame Geathers, Georgia

6th Round WR Conner Vernon, Duke

7th Round S Rashard Hall, Clemson

Some Notes:

-We tried to make a number of trades but they kept falling through (and teams were making some ridiculous offers).

-Value was important to us throughout this draft, while we cared about needs we didn't really want to overdraft any position.

-Barrett Jones is likely to be a controversial pick for some, but this is a former Outland and Rimington trophy winner, and a guy that represented tremendous value for us. He has a real shot of winning the RT job and can compete for just about any other position along the line.

-We envisioned a fairly significant role for every player we mocked, even some of the later round guys. None of these guys are training camp fodder to us and I don't think it would be shocking to see all 7 make the 53 man roster.

Hog Hunter also included some guys who went undrafted and who could be UDFA targets for the Skins:

P Jeff Locke
LB Jonathan Stewart, Travis Johnson
CB, Johnny Abrams
S Bradley McDougald
TE Justice Cunningham, Matt Furstenburg
WR Alec Lemon, Keenan Davis, Uzoma Nwachukwu
RB Theo Riddick, Zach Line
OT Braden Brown
DL Joe Vellano

What do you guys think?