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Pierre Garcon on Week 1: "I'll Be Healthy Enough to Play"

The Redskins WR visited the NFL Network this morning to discuss a variety of topics including RGIII, his foot, and Adderal.

Patrick McDermott

Pierre Garcon visited the NFL Network this morning and didn't drop any bomb shells from the locker room.

On his injury and starting the season:

"I'll be healthy enough to play. I can't say I'll be 100%, but I'll be back out there and helping the team any way possible."

"It's getting better. It's a plain and play tear. It's something that's uncommon that happened from a previous injury that compensated for another. It's coming along and it's getting better."

For OTAs, which start next week:

I'll be rehabbing and doing whatever I'm able to do. The trainers will let me know. We won't try to win a Super Bowl in April. We'll try to move ahead.

On RGIII and if there's a concern if he'll push too hard:

We want him back week one but we don't want him to push too hard. He has a long future in Washington. He's going to do what's right for him. He's been through the fire, understands it, and he's going to build from it.

On Redskins being 9-1 when Garcon is on the field:

It's just having more weapons on the field. It's nothing I did. Coach Mike Shanahan and Kyle Shanahan did a great job of game planning and I just did my part. Without Robert and Alfred there's no 9-1.

On Adderrall usage in you see an issue with it?

There is an issue with it. It gives you an upper hand that regular guys like me don't have. We're all trying to get an advantage but if illegal.

I guess some guys abuse it. Like any drug from pain reliever, to Adderall, to whatever else they need to perform better on Sundays. Some guys do need it to stay up in meetings and to learn the plays and to study plays. It can be abused on the fields too.

On if he sees it in the NFL locker rooms over his career:

This is my first time hearing that much about it. If you're diagnosed with it then you know more about it.