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2013 NFL Draft Guide Now Available for FREE:

Taking a look at the NFL Draft Guide which is 100% Free.


Over at I have been working at putting together my 2013 NFL Draft Guide. This nearly 250 page .pdf is your NFL Draft resource to use all month and Draft Weekend, which is quickly approaching!

This 2013 Draft Guide includes Scouting Reports, Player Rankings, 7-Round Mock Draft with descriptions, Team Needs, Sleepers & Busts, Interviews from Senior Bowl and much, much MORE!

And best part, its 100% FREE! Just download here:

Here is a snippet from my interview with USC S T.J. McDonald:

What made you come
back this last year?

I wanted to be allowed
to get my degree for
one. To have a chance
to win the National
Championship. I often
thought that was
something that was
unreachable before the
season but we got the
preseason ranking
number one and had the platform for it and everything. It just didn't work out our way.
Can't say that I regret anything, or I would beat myself up all day if I would think like
that. To me I just felt like I developed as a player and got better.

How did the whole controversy with USC help you to grow as a player?

Being able to deal with adversity, being able to stay humble throughout everything,
being able to deal with it. That's about it. I just know that if adversity happens, I can get
over it. It's something that I've dealt with before. And to be able to be a leader in that 215
situation, the captain of the team, I know that I can handle that. I know that I can share it
with other guys, and be able to bring an asset to the locker room in that sense. So I can
take a positive away from that.

What's the best piece of advice you've gotten from your father in this process?

Just sacrifice. Try to sacrifice everything. Sacrifice everything I want now, to what the
overall goal is. To put my best foot forward and to attack every day with a certain goal.
Don't just go about your day saying that I'm just going to get better, but say that I'm
going to get better at this. That's something that I've been focusing on. The more things
that you focus on and then you look back at everything and it's like, wow, I really
improved on a lot of things.

During your time in the Pac 12, and not counting your teammates, who was the
toughest competition-quarterback, receiver or tight end - that you faced and felt that
made you better?

Andrew Luck. You definitely have to be on top of all the disguises. You can't move a
second early, or he's going to know what you're doing. You have to be on all the details.
So I'd say Andrew Luck is the best guy. And I'd also say can Kenjon Barner. You need
to make sure you take all the right angles, or else he's going to juke you. He's a great
running back.