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Daily Slop: Alfred Morris Does not Count Against the Salary cap; Baker Will be 15th-Highest Paid Redskins Player

Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web


Ranking the Redskins Outside Linebackers | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
Taking a look at where the Redskins Outside linebackers rank going into next season.

Alfred Morris does not count against the salary cap
RGIII’s fellow rookie star, who rushed for 1,610 yards last season plus 80 more in the playoffs, is merely the 54th-highest paid Redskin. Running back Alfred Morris, who makes less (the minimum $480,000 plus a $30,775 bonus) than linebackers Roderick Muckelroy and Vic So’oto (555,000 each), technically doesn’t count against the salary cap right now.

RGIII’s Baylor teammate offers to flush toilet for him
"I told Robert already, whenever you work out, I work out," he said, when asked about learning from RGIII. "Whenever you go throw, I’ll catch. If you go take a poop, I’ll flush."

A Lighter Look At Shanny’s Draft Philosophy

Report: Redskins out of contention to sign CB Antoine Winfield - Washington Times
Redskins are out of contention to sign free agent cornerback Antoine Winfield, who is choosing between re-signing with the Minnesota Vikings and joining the Seattle Seahawks, according to an NFL Network report Wednesday night. The report cited an unnamed relative of Winfield’s.

3 Round Mock Draft with Trades |

A post highlighting how some trades could shake up the first couple rounds of the draft including two Redskins trades.

Need to Know: Baker will be 15th-highest paid Redskin - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
But that $1.323 million salary makes him the 15th highest paid player on the team in terms of base salary. Obviously, that’s more than some starters make. It’s almost half a million dollars more than Kedric Golston, an eight-year veteran who is signed for a salary of $840,000, the minimum for a veteran with his experience, is making. It’s more than Rob Jackson, who also was a restricted free agent and who was a key reserve last year, is making.

If, And, But: The Washington Redskins Will Be in the Playoffs in 2013 - Yahoo! Sports
From Yahoo! Sports: There's a reason each team plays all 16 games during the NFL season.

A roundup of the Redskins in mock drafts
Of the roughly eight jillion mock drafts of varying degrees of reputability on the Web, I’m guessing 90 percent stop at the end of the first round. So finding mocks that include Washington, whose No. 22 slot in the first round is property of the St. Louis Rams, is a bit of a chore.

The Redskins Blog | Texans’ Kubiak Remembers Jack Pardee

Iconic Redskins, Cowboys quarterbacks compete for charity

Richard Sherman: ‘Half the league’ takes Adderall | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
"About half the league takes it and the league has to allow it," Sherman said of Adderall use in the NFL. "The league made a mistake in my case. Obviously, I didn’t do anything, but you have to go through a process to prove you didn’t do anything. There are still naysayers out there who don’t believe me. But I accept it. If everybody loves you, it probably means you’re not much of a player."