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Report: Seahawks Closing in on Deal with Antoine Winfield

Redskins free agent target and former Minnesota Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield appears as if he's headed to Seattle to continue his career.


ESPN's Ed Werder reported Wednesday that the Seattle Seahawks are closing-in on a deal with Redskins free agent target and former Minnesota Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield. Winfield would join an already crowded secondary with Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, and will presumably play in a nickel role.

Winfield met with the Redskins on March 27, and despite what seemed like genuine mutual interest, the salary cap issues the Redskins have faced the past two seasons may be the deciding factor should Winfield finalize a deal with the Seahawks instead.

As it stands now, the Redskins are approximately $30,000 under the cap limit, which wouldn't be enough to accommodate Winfield without a cut, extension or restructure.

Since Winfield's visit, the Redskins added DeAngelo Hall to the secondary on a one-year contract worth $1.25 million. While signing Hall didn't negate the team's interest in Winfield, it did provide insurance should the team be unable to land the former Viking. Now, it looks as if the Redskins made a wise move in getting Hall to come back at a reduced rate.

A season ago, Winfield tallied 100 tackles and three interceptions while allowing quarterbacks to throw for a rating of just 70.4 against him. Winfield also earned Pro Football Focus' highest grade among cornerbacks against running plays in 2012.