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Redskins 7 Round Mock draft

Taking a look at how the draft may play out for the Washington Redskins.

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I wanted to share my latest 2013 Mock Draft for the Redskins and my reasoning behind the picks. As always this is just one of the many possible scenarios and is used to further the discussion. To see who was still on the board when I made the picks check out:

My 7 Round 2013 Mock Draft

2nd Round DT John Jenkins, Georgia:

-There simply isn't a safety here that I'd feel comfortable taking. While a corner like Jordan Poyer or Logan Ryan is an option, I decided to beef up the defensive line. Though Barry Cofield is probably the Redskins best defensive lineman, he's out of place as a nose tackle against the run. He may get some pressure and push the pocket as a pass rusher (though a lot of that is when the Redskins are in a sub package and he's not playing a true NT position), but run defense he's struggled. Jenkins should automatically fix that weakness and give the Redskins the true NT in the center of their defense. Cofield can rotate all around the defensive line, and be utilized as more of a pass rusher.

3rd Round S Bacarri Rambo, Georgia:

Check out my interview with Rambo (and many more players) in the Free 2013 Fanspeak NFL Draft Guide

-Rambo would have a good chance of starting right away for the Redskins. He is a playmaker and a big hitter. He's at his best as the centerfielder who can break on the ball and make a play. He has a knack for creating turnovers, and would be a welcomed addition to the Redskins as a free safety. He does have some man coverage questions that need to be answered, as well as some off the field issues, which keep him as more of a 3rd rounder.

4th Round CB Leon McFadden, San Diego State:

-The Redskins corner situation is still one of the weaker units on this team for 2013. In 2014 the top three corners are all free agents, making this pretty dire of a need. McFadden is a guy with a good bit of potential, especially as a slot corner. He'd be a nice addition for the Skins in 2013, and would have a real good starting shot in 2014. At worst he should be a multi-year option as the slot corner for the Skins.

5th Round RB Kenjon Barner, Oregon:

-Yes it is possible he goes higher, but it certainly wouldn't be shocking to see him last this long. He's not an every down back (which is why he is likely to fall to this spot), but for the Redskins he wouldn't need to be. He's the perfect complement to Morris and weapon for RGIII.

5th Round OT Reid Fragel, Ohio State:

-RT remains one of the Redskins biggest concerns both short and long term. Though Fragel may be a stretch to start as a rookie, I wouldn't rule it out. He's got really nice long term potential and would be a great pick for the Redskins.

6th Round S Cooper Taylor, Richmond:

-The Redskins should really double up at the safety position, and Taylor would be a very good additional pick-up. He's got great size and speed, as well as some first rate instincts. He's one of the better sleepers in this draft class and would be a really nice addition for the Redskins.

7th Round OLB Michael Buchanan, Illinois:

-He's another guy that could easily go 20-30 picks higher, but he could also fall after his poor Senior year and his showing at the Senior Bowl. He does offer some value as a situational pass rusher.