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Washington Redskins 2013 NFL Draft Profile: Stansly Maponga , DE, TCU

The Redskins are always looking for a pass rusher who can get to the quarterback. Stansly Maponga, when playing at full speed, created nightmares for his opponents during his time at TCU doing just that.


Measurements: 6’2”, 256 lbs.

Projected Round: 6-7

Why he would be a good Redskin:

Maponga, at his best, was an above average pass rusher in his three years at TCU and a violent hitter. During his strongest season in 2011, he had 9 sacks and teams had to scheme for him. During the last two years of his three year college career, he was often double teamed and was known to wreak havoc in the backfield of his opponents. Despite the drop in production his junior year (4.5 sacks), Maponga elected to come out early and enter the NFL draft.

Why he won’t be drafted by the Redskins:

He lined up almost exclusively at the left defensive end spot in college. Most scouts agree he is too small to play full time defensive end and too slow to play full time outside linebacker in the pro’s. He suffered a foot injury his junior year which caused him to miss two games. The foot was still an issue at the Combine and he did not run the 40 because of it. When he did run the 40 at his pro day, he only clocked in a 4.8. In addition, playing the run is not his strength, as he tends to get out of position easily.

Bottom Line: This is a later round guy who could pay off as a pass rushing specialist used in obvious passing downs. The Redskins are always looking for pass rushers, but Maponga has enough concerns that the team would only want to look his way late in the last day of the draft. When healthy and given the task to get to the quarterback, he could be a contributor. At the very least, drafting him would prevent a repeat of what happened when RG3 ran into him in 2011.

Stansly Maponga Destroys Robert Griffin III (RGIII) TCU Horned Frogs Baylor 2011 (via MarqueeTcu)