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Redskins Hidden Gem - Safety Dominick Reyes

Safety Dominick Reyes - A Poor-Mans Sean Taylor?

Rarely does a small school prospect catch my eye quite like Stony Brook's All-Star SS/FS Dominick Reyes. All I can tell you is, regardless of school, this kid can play. Think of him as a poor-mans Sean Taylor.

Dominick Reyes: 6'4" 220(SS/FS) Stony Brook(#24)

- Team Captain(2011, 2012)

- Team Defensive MVP(2012)

- Played in all 48 games

- 3 year starter at safety

- All-time leading tackler in Stony Brook history

- 75 tackles(9 for loss) 2012

- 2012 1st team All-Big South

- 4.59 40

I was recently turned onto Reyes by an article I read on the Stony Brook pro day. I have one of my high school players getting looked at by Stony Brook, so I have been following them a bit recently, and have become friendly with some of their coaches. I reached out to the staff on Reyes, and I got rave reviews.

He is as good a person off the football field, as he is on it. Reyes has been a lead-by-example player since the moment he stepped foot on campus as a freshmen form the West Coast. What truly set Reyes apart are his instincts. He is a student of the game, and is rarely caught out of place on the field. When he is, he can make up for his mistakes with great athletic ability.

Below is a cut-up of his senior year. All I can say, is this kid can really hit, and cover some serious ground.

ENJOY!....................I know I surely did.

Dominick Reyes Stony Brook Football (via reyesd11)