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Redskins Wooing of Antoine Winfield Showing Progress

An update on the Redskins latest maneuvers to sign the veteran, Cornerback formerly with the Vikings.

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Jeff Gross

Things are coming to a boil with Antoine Winfield. His agent was sick over the last couple days, but a final decision is expected this week. The Redskins are pulling out all the stops, and if there's one thing we know Dan Snyder is good at, it's closing on free agents.

I think I'd also show Winfield film of Christian Ponder, just to remind him of that QB situation. Winfield will turn 36 this June. so it's hard to imagine he'll return to the Vikings with playoff teams like the Redskins and Broncos courting him.

So, was dinner at Morton's or Hooters? Another little nugget....surely Fletcher has reached out too, right?

Pro Football Focus broke down Winfield's play from 2012. I recommend reading the entire article, but here are some highlights:

Winfield finished the season with a +25.5 grade, narrowly edging Richard Sherman (+25.1) to the top spot in our CB rankings, but that's only part of the story. If you look purely at coverage, Sherman's grade (+26.4) is almost four times higher than Winfield's (+7.0), and there is no doubt that Sherman was the superior player in that regard last season.

He may have been atop the overall grade rankings among cornerbacks, but nobody at PFF will try and tell you that Antoine Winfield was the best corner in football last season.

Against the run Winfield's grade was almost twice as good as any other corner. On the season he made 44 stops (tackles that constitute an offensive failure), which was a dozen more than the next best player.