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Washington Redskins 2013 NFL Draft Profile: Xavier Nixon, Offensive Tackle, Florida

Could the former Gator be the bookend to Trent Williams that the Redskins have been searching for?


Measurements: Height- 6'6", Weight- 321 lbs

Projected Round: 4

Why he would be a good Redskin:

He displays exceptional athleticism for a tackle and has a great deal of untapped potential, which if properly utilized could propel him to a long career as a starting tackle in the league. He has excellent lateral mobility and a good kick slide which allow him to stay in front of pass rushers. In running situations, Nixon's quickness and athleticism help him get off the ball and into to the secondly level quickly. These traits along with his slightly smaller build could make for a nice fit in the Shanahans' zone blocking system. Nixon is no stranger to elite level competition either; as he was pitted against NFL caliber ends and rush linebackers every week in the SEC (or the D-League as I like to call it).

Why he won't be drafted by the Redskins:

Unfortunately, not all of that natural ability and potential has translated into production on the field as he has been maddeningly inconsistent up to this point. He makes a lot of mental mistakes, commits silly penalties and often exhibits poor technique. Frequent injuries and the ability to keep on enough weight have also been issues. These problems have plagued him to the point that they have twice cost him his starting job. The most recent occurrence being last year when he was benched in favor of a freshman. And while Trent William is the only surefire starting caliber player of the group, the Redskins do already have 5 tackles on the roster.

Bottom Line:

Xavier Nixon has so much raw talent that he could easily be a steal for somebody in the upcoming draft. With the proper motivation he could develop into a special player for the right team. However, right now he is projected to be a 4th round selection, and with more pressing needs to address picking him that early is a gamble that the Redskins probably should not take because so far the only thing that he has done consistently is underachieve.